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Pam Barley

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Pamela Barley grew up in Redondo Beach and is the mother of four wonderful children. She has worked in management for over 20 years and takes great pride in her ability to provide outstanding customer service.

Pam is the Patient Care Manager for West Medical and a bariatric surgery patient herself. She started working for the Doctors because she wanted to help other people who were going through the Weight Loss Surgery process. From initial questions to getting insurance approval for the procedure, Pam often gives out her personal cell phone number to patients so they can call her anytime when they have a question or need help. Pam oversees the scheduling of each patient’s bariatric surgery and organizes Support Groups for patients to help them lose the most weight in the quickest and healthiest manner possible.

Pam’s own battle with weight started after giving birth to her last two children. She tried all kinds of diets, worked out at the gym and even tried starving herself; nothing worked. She was and is a happy person, but the extra weight was holding her back. She wasn’t able to play with her kids the way she always had before and suffered all the time from back and knee pain. She knew she needed to do something and decided to take a look at undergoing bariatric surgery. Pam considers her Weight Loss Surgery, “the best decision I have made. I have not regretted it once and I still think I was very lucky to find Drs. Shabatian and Salimitari. Not only are they awesome surgeons, but they truly care for their patients from the heart.”

As a Bariatric Surgery patient herself, Pam can relate to what patients are going through because she has been there. She finds it very fulfilling to be able to help a patient through the Weight Loss Surgery process and she really enjoys helping them lose their weight. “It is the beginning of your Weight Loss Surgery journey and I feel honored to be able to come along for the ride.”

Sub title:

  • iRegional Director of Patient Care

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