Albert says that from the day he was born, he had always been a big boy and struggled with weight problems. Most of the weight gain happened in high school for Albert. During that time, he tried out a certain diet that was initially very successful, but soon lead to his weight doubling after he was off of it. Being overweight negatively impacted many things in his life. First, he felt depressed at most times, causing him to hide out in his room. Moreover, he developed sleep apnea as a result of the extra weight, leaving him with little energy during the day and lead to other health problems.


Albert recently started working with his father in the mining and construction business, where everyone there was fit and competitive. In a way, that was a big push for Albert to look more into weight loss surgery. Getting weight loss surgery had always been in the back of his mind, so this was now extra motivation for him to go through with it. Ultimately, Albert wanted to change his life and prove himself in the business. The last straw for him, though, was when he weighed himself on a warehouse scale because it was able to weigh him. The scale read 412 pounds, which was the heaviest he had ever been. Seeing this really got his spirits down, yet thankfully gave him the motivation to finally go through with the gastric sleeve procedure.


Ever since the successful gastric sleeve procedure, Albert’s live had changed in so many ways. No longer did he have sleep apnea and the additional health problems that came with being overweight. He now put himself in a position to lead a healthy lifestyle that consisted of regular gym time, healthier eating habits and overall joy and piece of mind. Albert’s weight loss has totaled to over 130 pounds now! What a success this truly was for him.

“I feel as if I am now living life, not hiding out like when I was overweight.” It certainly looks as if Albert made the right choice by opting for weight loss surgery!

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