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Beverly Hills is well known for its shopping, dining, spas, 5-star hotels, and celebrities. Many people are not aware that the city is also a gold mine of art, architecture, and cultural attractions. For example, Anderton Court was designed by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, built in the classic Italian Renaissance style, was at one time the city’s post office. The Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills, formerly known as the Beverly Carlton Hotel, is featured in a classic “I Love Lucy” episode and was once the residence of Marilyn Monroe.

Even in Beverly Hills, obesity is an epidemic affecting people of all ages. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than one-third of adults in America suffer from this complex metabolic disorder. For people with obesity, losing weight with diet and exercise alone can be more than challenging. In fact, research has shown that diet and exercise are often not enough.

Looking for Lap-Band surgery near you? At West Medical in Beverly Hills, we offer a comprehensive program with a range of weight loss options, including gastric band and Lap Band surgery. Our doctors and medical staff are committed to surgical excellence and providing the absolute best in personalized medical care. If you have been struggling with obesity for years and losing the battle, contact us to schedule an initial consultation with a knowledgeable physician at our facility.


Gastric banding is a weight loss procedure in which a small, flexible silicone band is used to create a new, smaller stomach pouch and reduce the amount of food you can eat at one time. The appetite is satisfied faster and you feel full for longer, so you consume fewer calories and gradually lose weight. Our patients typically lose 1 to 3 pounds per week after a gastric band procedure.

Lap Band is a type of adjustable gastric band – the first to gain FDA approval in 2001. The surgery to implant this device is performed laparoscopically, in a minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon uses very small incisions on the abdomen and a tiny camera that makes it possible to view the operative site inside your body on a monitor during the procedure.

The inflatable gastric band is placed around the top part of the stomach to create a smaller pouch, and is then secured. In the same procedure, a small device called a reservoir or port is placed under the skin of the stomach. Through this port, your surgeon can periodically adjust the Lap Band to achieve the ideal rate of weight loss for you. The surgeon injects a small amount of saline solution into the port to further inflate the band for additional restriction of the amount of food your stomach will hold. To allow for more consumption, the surgeon removes a small amount of saline. Patients usually need 5 to 8 adjustments per year during the first 2 years after surgery.


The Lap Band is a popular procedure for patients who have tried but failed to achieve a healthy weight with diet and exercise and need medical help to gain control of their weight, health, and quality of life. If the band needs to be removed for any reason, the stomach generally returns to normal form and function. Benefits of this procedure include:

  • Performed laparoscopically for faster recovery, minimal scarring, and less post-surgical pain
  • Goes hand-in-hand with effective diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle after the procedure
  • No stomach resection
  • No rerouting of the intestinal tract or cross-connections
  • No malabsorption (reduction of the nutrients and calories absorbed by the body) to lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Clinical trials beginning in 1995
  • Produces healthy, steady, long-term weight loss
  • Average patient loses 55% of excess weight in 5 years after surgery
  • Adjustable and reversible


The CDC reports that obese people have a higher risk for a wide range of serious diseases and health conditions, some of which are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Weight-related health conditions include Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancer, among other serious health problems. The good news is that research has shown that bariatric surgery can improve or completely resolve many obesity related conditions, including Type 2 diabetes.


If you have been fighting a losing battle with obesity, you are not alone, and medical help is available at West Medical in Beverly Hills. When you come to our facility for a consultation, we begin with communication, in addition to advanced testing. Our respected, compassionate bariatric surgeons can craft a comprehensive program specifically to suit your needs. The top priority of our medical team is your health, comfort, and safety.


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