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2572 Atlantic Ave Long Beach CA 90806

West Medical Long Beach specializes in a variety of services ranging from weight loss surgery to varicose vein treatment.

Conveniently located minutes away from the Pacific Hospital of Long Beach and right off of Long Beach Blvd, many patients choose the surgeons and specialists from the Long Beach Medical Center for their surgeries and treatments over surgeons from their home town. This is especially true for patients looking for surgery in Brixby Knolls, Lynwood, Shoreline Village, Zaferia, Naples, Bluff Park and Hellman.

Long Beach is one of the biggest cities in Los Angeles County, with a flourishing community of people who are continuously making the city grow. Our Long Beach location has been growing ever since we first opened, with patients from all over Long Beach and neighborhoods nearby. We offer the most dedicated care and treatment for a number of different medical conditions and are thrilled that you chose to be a part of our growing family of physicians and patients.

If you’re looking for things to do in and around the area, there are a number of places to visit and explore while you’re in Long Beach. We are not too far from the coastal marina, where you’ll find great restaurants and beautiful beach weather. You can also visit the Queen Mary or explore the famous Aquarium of the Pacific. We’re glad to know that those who travel a lengthy distance to get to our location have options for activities and things to do while in the area. West Medical is dedicated not only to providing excellent medical services, but makings sure all of our patients are completely taken care of.

The Long Beach West Medical Center offers consultations and free Long Beach & Los Angeles weight loss seminars, and will be happy to address any of your concerns, questions and comments about our services and treatment options, including bariatric surgery, Lap-Band, gastric balloon, gastric bypass and other weight loss surgery procedures, vein treatment procedures and more. You can also inquire about our our post-op programs. Call (855) 690-0565 to learn more about the other treatment options that may be available to you in Long Beach.


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