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Retinal Vein Occlusion

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When there is a blocking of the small veins that carry blood away from the retina, it’s known as retinal vein occlusion (RVO). The blockage will cause a blood leak into the macula (the part of your retina that’s responsible for direct vision) leading to blurred vision.

RVO comes in two types; non-ischemic and ischemic, the first being much less serious then the second. With ischemic RVO, significant loss of vision is incredible likely.


RVO is known to be a sign of aging. Alongside factors of hypertension and diabetes, the main cause for RVO is associated with growth. Those who are middle age or older are known to be the most susceptible to the condition. Any conditions that affect the normal blood flow in the retina can be cause for RVO.


In most cases, deterioration in vision is the top cause of RVO. Be aware though, that many conditions of the eye have similar symptoms of gradual vision worsening and loss, so it’s vital that you assess what specific condition you have so that it can be adequately treated.

With RVO, blurred vision is known to occur at a more rapid pace. Some patients are noted to have their vision worsen over only a few hours. It is also known to happen suddenly. You may not have any prior imperfections in vision before RVO occurs.


Doctors may suggest extensive diagnostic tests before determining that you suffer from RVO. Tests can last months, for ophthalmologists to see if the conditions get better or worse on their own. This helps understand how to treat the condition.


Blocked veins in the macula cannot be unblocked, so there is no ‘cure’ for RVO. The good news is that people with RVO have often regained their vision without any treatment. This can happen over time or almost immediately, it only depends on each specific case.

Laser treatment (Retinal Photocoagulation) is available when macular edema is present, this will prevent further blocking from occurring. Because this condition is associated in patients with other diseases, it’s important to make sure you keep both your diabetes and blood pressure under control to alleviate worsened vision.

As with any surgical procedure of the eye, risks include a worsened eyesight as well as loss of sight, completely. Make sure you understand your risks and prepare for the treatment that you have.

At West Medical we’re dedicated to giving you the best treatment available. Our ophthalmologists will assess your condition to provide you with the best possible treatment. We are dedicated to customer care, and always put you first.

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