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Dislocated Hip

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Dislocated Hip: Symptoms, Test, and Treatments

When the thighbone slips from its socket in the pelvis (hip bone), a hip dislocation occurs. Hip dislocations are painful injuries that often leave victims unable to move their leg, walk, and may cause nerve damage that affects the foot and ankle areas.

A dislocated hip is a serious injury that causes extreme discomfort and requires immediate attention from a medical professional. The orthopedic specialists at West Medical have extensive experience treating hip dislocations and are equipped to provide the best care throughout the treatment and recovery processes.

The respected staff at West Medical possesses the knowledge and attentiveness to ensure your care is of the highest quality. Hip dislocations may require the attention of a specialist. Call us at (855) 690-0565 to learn more about your options, to schedule a consultation, or to secure an appointment with one of our leading medical professionals.

Symptoms for a Dislocated Hip

Hip dislocations cause significant pain and usually render the victim unable to walk or move the affected leg. Nerve damage or other injuries may occur as a result of a dislocated hip.

Common symptoms of a hip dislocation include:

  • Severe hip pain
  • The injured leg appears shorter than the opposite leg
  • The injured leg will lie in an abnormal position, usually bent at the hip and turned inward

Tests for Hip Dislocations

Usually a simple sight examination is enough for a doctor to determine if you’ve suffered a hip dislocation. The displaced position of the leg is typically obvious in hip dislocation cases, but a doctor will also order an x-ray or even an MRI in order to determine the extent of the dislocation and if additional injuries in the surrounding area have occurred—including fractures to the hip or thighbone, which are not uncommon in hip dislocation injuries.

Treatments for a Dislocated Hip

Assuming that no other injuries to the leg or pelvis have been sustained, a doctor will typically provide an anesthetic or a sedative while they reset the bones into proper position; this process is called “reduction.”

Occasionally, and depending on the severity of the injury, the reduction process might require a formal operating procedure in order to properly reset and treat the affected hip area. In either instance, after your bones have been reset, your doctor may order additional x-rays or scans to ensure that your pelvis, hip, and leg have been properly repositioned.

Dislocated hips can take time—even two to three months—to fully heal. Using crutches during recovery to ensure that your leg has enough to heal and rebuild its strength, along with physical therapy exercises, are typically required during hip dislocation recovery.

Because of the serious nature of a dislocated hip injury, it’s important that you receive the most sophisticated and attentive care available. The physicians and orthopedic specialists at West Medical have advanced knowledge and extensive experience handling hip dislocation cases. Our staff is well equipped to assist you through your initial treatment, any necessary surgical procedures, and on the road to recovery.

Call us at (855) 690-0565 to explore your options or to make an appointment with one of our leading physicians or specialists.

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