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Chin And Cheek Augmentation

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A small or “weak” chin can negatively impact the harmony of the face and make other facial features appear larger, usually the nose. A chin implant can create a subtle yet dramatic change to the overall appearance of the face and make your face appear more balanced. The procedure is relatively minor and performed in an outpatient setting and can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures.

Cheek augmentation, or malar augmentation, can provide dramatic improvements to the face. Full cheeks and prominent cheekbones are a sign of youth and beauty. An implant can improve the appearance of flat cheekbones and give the look of high cheekbones. Implants for the face are able to bring the chin or cheekbones into equilibrium with the rest of the patient's face. Potential candidates for cheek augmentation may feel they have always had “weak” cheeks rather than having lost facial fullness as a result of aging.

Chin and Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure that enhances the contours and curves of the face. Cheek augmentation is performed by putting an individually-designed implant over the surface of the face, giving the patient's cheeks a sculpted, fuller appearance. Cheek augmentation can give you a more youthful, appealing appearance as you lose fullness in your face from the aging process.

Chin augmentation, or genioplasty (chin augmentation) and chin reduction (mentoplasty), is another procedure that is used to strengthen the features of a receding chin. By increasing the projection of the chin, the surgery will improve a more ideal side profile by balancing the chin with other features. It is important to note that the implants are designed in numerous sizes and shapes and can be created and fitted specifically for your particular needs.

Sometimes patients opt to have other procedures in conjunction with a chin augmentation, such as liposuction to treat a “double chin” or remove excess fat in the chin area and neckline. Many patients who seek chin augmentation may also be interested in rhinoplasty, because a small chin usually makes the nose appear larger.

Cheek Implant Risks

Specific risks to cheek implant surgery, in addition to standard risks associated with cheek implant surgery, include:

  • Loss of sensation in the cheek area either temporarily or permanently
  • Shifting of implants during healing period
  • Retraction of the lower eyelids if the surgeon inserts the implants through an eyelid incision
  • Infection at the site of the incisions

Chin Augmentation Risks

Although risks from chin augmentation are rare, some of the possible complications from chin augmentation surgery may include:

  • Possibility of an infection of the chin or lip area, usually treated with antibiotics, but in rare instances it requires surgery in order to drain fluid
  • Unfavorable scar tissue formation
  • Lack of sensitivity or numbness in the chin or lip area

Your New Look After Facial Implants

After having facial implants, you can expect that any perceived weaknesses of the jaw or cheeks may be corrected. You can have better contours when you have cheek implants that correct flat cheekbones and convey a healthier, youthful look. A chin augmentation can correct a receding chin and improve overall facial harmony, giving you a more attractive facial profile.

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