For Ricky, leading an active and athletic lifestyle through playing football kept him in shape and for the most part, healthy.
His love for the game allowed him to succeed, playing on through college. However, due to an unfortunate sports injury, Ricky suddenly felt his love and
passion for football start to diminish.
What followed was the sudden weight gain acquired from eating habits that went unchecked, coupled with an active workout routine that was now inactive.

Ricky soon found himself unable to sleep at night due to sleep apnea, thus causing him to be exhausted much of the time. Most alarming to Ricky was the fact
that he was unable to keep up with his daughter.
After hearing a West Medical ad, Ricky knew he had to make a change and made the call that would transform his life for the better.

After having successful weight loss surgery with West Medical, the positive effects on Ricky’s health have been tremendous. Check out his current progress

Date of Surgery: 7 months 2 weeks ago
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight Before: 440 lbs
Weight After: 309 lbs

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