How Compression Therapy Works

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Compression therapy is one of the first lines of defense against varicose veins, often suggested by phlebologists before turning to more invasive methods to treat venous disorders.

How it works

Compression stockings are designed to squeeze the legs and put pressure on the muscles and veins to aid in proper circulation. This form of varicose vein treatment is usually inefficient and often ineffective in resolving varicose vein development.

Compression stockings don’t treat varicose veins. Rather, they are only intended to slow down the progression of the vein problem. Compared to other varicose vein treatments, such as EVLT, compression therapy provides relatively ineffective, and only temporary results.


Can compression therapy work?

For compression therapy to actually have beneficial results, the stockings must be very tight around the legs, and worn day and night. Stockings are also known to be very hot and cause a significant amount of discomfort when worn all day. This causes potential patients to maintain strict upkeep and can become troublesome when having to pull the stockings on and off constantly. Compression stockings are also expensive.

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PPO Insurance Providers

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Next step

While compression therapy can help slow down the progress of varicose veins, it is rarely a satisfactory treatment. You can call us to find out more about how to use compression socks and what their benefits are. If you are looking for treatment options for your varicose veins, click here to learn about EVLT, or call our Los Angeles offices at (855) 690-0565 for information about procedures, cost, and advantages of our varicose vein treatment options.