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Weight Loss Journey

Being overweight or obese can cause a range of different long-term health complications. Excess weight puts strain on your body and often creates issues with blood sugar, circulatory health, and joint pain. Some conditions are almost exclusively associated with obesity.

Does Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

Most major health insurance companies do cover weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery. However, patients may have to meet certain requirements before insurance will cover the procedures. We have years of experience working with major medical plans and we will help you navigate the process of understanding your benefits and qualifying for weight loss surgery.

For most insurance companies to cover part or all of your weight loss surgery, the following must be true:

  • You are over 18 years old

  • You have documented previous weight loss efforts

  • You are diagnosed with morbid obesity

  • You can pass a psychological evaluation before surgery

  • You are not a smoker

  • You have a documented weight loss plan after surgery

  • Your BMI is above 40

  • Your BMI is about 35 with comorbid disease(s)

These requirements will vary based on individual insurance coverage plans. However, since weight loss surgery can significantly turn around your health prognosis, most insurance plans will cover at least a portion of your weight loss surgery. At West Medical, we can help you understand these requirements and assist you in determining your medical insurance benefits.

Insurance companies evaluate the risk vs. benefit analysis for your weight loss surgery. If you can show that you have made several attempts to lose weight and were unsuccessful, it shows determination. It shows the company that you will be committed to maintaining your results after surgery.

Similarly, patients with comorbidities, such as diabetes or hypertension, show a greater potential for health rewards compared to the risks of surgery. Insurance companies will favor the potential benefits if you are likely to suffer from disease without the surgery.

How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost?

Everyone’s insurance coverage is different and each patient’s condition is unique, so it is impossible to put an exact price tag on weight loss surgery. The first step is to call us and let us help you determine which procedure is right for you. We offer a FREE phone consultation with one of our physicians who will answer your questions. Some or all of this cost may be covered by your insurance.

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