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Da Vinci X Surgical System

West Medical is the first outpatient bariatric center to incorporate the fourth-generation da Vinci X Surgical System. Employing this system in such procedures as a gastric sleeve allows us to make minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries even less invasive by using proven next-generation surgical robotic technology. The da Vinci system enables us to perform advanced surgeries more effectively and efficiently while also reducing the likelihood of complications.

More about the Da Vinci

The da Vinci X includes three components:

  • The upgradeable patient cart can be outfitted with the latest surgical instruments. Its four low-profile appendages can be thought of as an extension of the surgeon’s hands that offers increased precision and clear visibility at the surgical site.
  • The surgeon console allows a doctor to remotely perform a procedure with complete control. The console is highly customizable and utilizes advanced software to reduce otherwise imperceivable fluctuations in movement that could affect the outcome of the procedure.
  • The vision console seamlessly transmits data between all three devices. It’s the communications hub that allows procedures to be performed in real-time. Additionally, a monitor allows the entire operating room to view the procedure as well.

The Robotic Da Vinci X Surgical System Augments the Human Factor

At West Medical, our team of leading weight loss surgeons is comprised of some of the leading minds in bariatric medicine with many years of education, training, and experience behind them. Don’t let the word “robotic” confuse you, the da Vinci X Surgical System augments a surgeon’s ability to perform procedures exactly the way they believe it should be performed. The human element of a surgeon’s skill remains as central as ever.


No surgery has a 100% success rate but, by employing da Vinci X, we are further reducing the odds of any issues that could lead to complications, while also enhancing the outcomes of our procedures. Versions of the Da Vinci technology have been in use and FDA approved since the beginning of this century and have been the subject of numerous studies.

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At West Medical, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best bariatric medicine in Southern California. Our commitment to using advanced technology with field-leading experience has resulted in a provable track record of success and a sterling reputation.


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