Cost of Orbera™

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Cost of Orbera

Being curious about the cost of Orbera balloon weight loss is close to inevitable for people who are contemplating the procedure. Our health may be more important than anything, but money is finite.

If you’re just learning about this exciting technique, the Orbera gastric balloon program is a non-surgical weight loss treatment for individuals who fall within a body mass index of 30-40, often not considered sufficiently overweight to justify bariatric surgeries. The Orbera program combines medically-supervised exercise and nutritional guidance with a balloon-like device that is temporarily placed in a patient’s stomach with the intention of making the individual feel full faster, thus assisting with weight loss in a manner that is more sustainable over time.

At West Medical, we understand that patients are going to want to know their Orbera weight loss cost as soon as possible. It’s difficult, however, because each patient represents a different set of needs that really can’t translate to a standardized pricing system. That being said, once patients come for consultations, we are able to obtain information which should make the answering the question “how much does Orbera cost?” a great deal earlier.

At West Medical, we strongly encourage you to speak with our team in person so we can go over all aspects of your treatment. We take this process seriously and our goal is to provide patients with a clear idea of everything that will be involved in their treatments well before the fact.

West Medical now proudly offers the ORBERA™ gastric balloon, a major advance in nonsurgical weight loss medicine. The FDA-approved procedure involves the placement of a spherical balloon-like device in a patient’s stomach. The result is that the patient will feel full significantly faster, making weight loss less difficult. Once in place, the balloon remains in the stomach for a period of six months. At the same time, patients will receive specialized support and nutritional guidance from our experienced team of weight loss professionals, including for a period of several months after the device has been removed.

Orbera Weight Loss

Can You Afford Orbera? It’s Likely!

As we said, being concerned about costs is only natural. That’s especially the case since, at this point, most insurers don’t cover what they consider to be a fairly new procedure. Fortunately, the cost of the procedure is lower than a lot of more involved surgeries and West Medical may also be able to assist patients with financing options. In the vast majority of cases, qualified patients who want the Orbera balloon are able to obtain it.

Is Orbera Worth It? We Think So

Obesity is a very serious health issue affecting a very large and still growing portion of the American populace. It has been firmly linked to countless health problems which can severely impact the quality and length of a patient’s life. These range from painful joint issues like arthritis to dangerous systemic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which can make life shorter but also a lot less enjoyable.

The Orbera gastric balloon treatment is a two-pronged program that combines medically-supervised nutrition and exercise coaching with a leading-edge device that helps patients eat properly. It has been cleared by the FDA as a viable option in the fight against obesity, especially for those who have already failed more conservative weight loss regimens or are unwilling or unable to undergo bariatric surgery.


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