Cost of Obalon

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Cost of Obalon

For patients considering gastric balloon treatment, wondering about the cost of Obalon and other systems is only natural. Because every patient who walks through West Medical’s doors has a unique situation, our procedures inevitably vary from individual to individual.

At West Medical, we want to provide our patients with as much information as possible, which is why we offer free consultations where we can discuss your specific needs and expectations as well as anticipate the costs of your gastric balloon treatment, either with Obalon or Orbera, the most widely used system.

While it’s difficult to provide a precise cost estimate for Obalon due to the personalized nature of each treatment, suggests that the average cost of Obalon treatment is between $7,000 and $9,000. For comparison, also notes that the average cost of the Orbera gastric balloon treatment ranges from $4,000 to $9,000.

Gastric Balloon Treatment

For those who are new to the idea of a gastric balloon treatment, a balloon-like device is endoscopically inserted into a patient’s stomach via the esophagus to occupy a large amount of space. This induces a feeling of fullness and thus can help patients fight the urge to overeat. At West Medical, we offer two such treatments: Obalon and Orbera.

While Obalon makes use of a series of small gastric balloons that are inserted approximately two weeks apart, meaning a patient’s stomach capacity is gradually made fuller over several weeks, Orbera uses a single balloon from the onset of the program.

Obalon is noticeably lighter because each balloon is filled with air rather than the saline solution that Orbera uses. Though some patients prefer the lighter weight, this also means that there is less of an impact on how full they feel. This lighter quality also means that patients are more likely to feel the balloons shifting as they move or exercise. Conversely, as Orbera uses a liquid solution it is less prone to shifting; though some unusual sensations are to be expected from either option.

For further comparison, Orbera occupies about 550cc of space from the very beginning of treatment. Obalon, however, occupies 250cc for the first two weeks, 500cc once the second balloon is inserted, and maxes out at 750cc if the final balloon is involved. Regardless of program choice, all balloons are removed after six months before the second phase of treatment begins. This crucial phase consists of continued consultation with dietary and medical professionals to help patients maintain the lifestyle changes that should have occurred during the first phase.

The final number of balloons, checkup appointments, adjustments, and any other related treatments or visits to our office all affect the final total.


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