Weight Loss Journey

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When people try to lose weight and fail, or succeed for a little while only to gain the weight back, they get frustrated. Although it’s easy to blame yourself for not losing weight, the truth is that weight loss – and maintaining that weight loss – is a substantial challenge because of factors outside our control like our genetics, the environment, and our body’s resistance to losing fat.

If you are ready to lose weight with the help of a tool like bariatric surgery in Los Angeles, and an expert team that understands the science behind weight loss, we are here to go on that journey with you.


Before & After Gallery

View our patients who have had success with weight loss at West Medical.

The Decision

Deciding to have weight loss surgery is a major life decision. There are multiple factors that go into the decision, and we can help you think through your choices.


Leading up to your surgery day there will be steps to go through, to prepare you for the greatest chance of success. We will guide you through these steps.

Day of surgery

The day of surgery can be scary and exciting, as you kick off the weight loss that can last a lifetime. Our team will be there to create a safe and comfortable environment for you.


After surgery you’ll want your body to heal as quickly and easily as possible. Our program will lead you through steps that will make the recovery as smooth as possible.

New life

After your recovery, we’ll help you find a realistic lifestyle that supports your goals of better health and lasting weight loss.

Please call us at (855) 690-0565 if we can answer any questions for you. We want you to feel educated and comfortable about the entire weight loss journey with West Medical. Our team is always happy to talk to you and make sure you are on the right track.