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Jamie - Bakersfield, CA

Size Before: 22

Size After: 6

"I am a totally new person. I’ve lost a total of 90lbs. I have went from a size 22 to a size 6. In reality, the amount of weight that I lost is like losing an actual person!”

- Jamie

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Jamie Lost 90 lbs.

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Here at West Medical, our Los Angeles and Orange County weight loss surgeons are dedicated to providing weight loss and bariatric surgery treatments that focus on substantial, permanent weight loss. We know that losing weight is not a simple question of eating less and moving more. As experts in obesity and weight loss, we provide the most innovative and proven bariatric procedures.

Our bariatric surgeons offer the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band, and the non-surgical weight loss balloon. We can help you understand each option so we can work together to find your best path to individual success. Our team will guide you in making highly informed decisions about the right weight loss journey, with the best chance of the long-term success you’ve been seeking. The comprehensive care we offer will continue to guide you after your weight loss surgery, as you find a healthier and more energetic life.

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Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve, also called “vertical sleeve gastrectomy” is a medical weight loss surgery that removes approximately eighty percent of the stomach. This procedure radically reduces the size of the stomach so that the patient feels less hungry and gets the sensation of “fullness” after eating a small amount, as the stomach will now secrete much less of the hunger-causing hormones. Gastric sleeve surgery allows obese patients to lose up to 70 percent of the excess weight within a year, and is often chosen as a procedure for patients with diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and many other dangerous health conditions. This Los Angeles weight loss surgery will require a stay in the hospital, typically one to three days, and one to three weeks of recovery time before returning to work, with full recovery usually in about four to six weeks.

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The adjustable gastric band, or “Lap-Band surgery” is a bariatric surgery involving the surgical placement of an adjustable band on the upper section of the stomach. The band creates a smaller stomach area for the patient, which quickly fills with eating. The advantage of the lap-band as a weight loss surgery is that an obese or seriously overweight patient can lose between a quarter and three-quarters of the excess weight, while improving or curing any obesity-related health conditions and greatly improving overall quality of life. Recovery requires one day in the hospital and two weeks off work, with full recovery within six weeks. Your diet will be restricted, and you will need nutritional supplements as well. The band will be adjusted to achieve the right size, with other adjustments as you lose weight and stabilize.

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Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is a weight loss surgery in which the stomach size is reduced and the intestines rerouted. After this bariatric surgery in Los Angeles, the patient will feel full soon after eating even a small amount, and will absorb less of the food eaten. Up to two-thirds of the excess weight should be gone within two years. Candidates for for weight loss surgery in Los Angeles are considered severely obese and typically have serious health issues associated with the excess weight. These conditions include high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and sleep apnea, among others. The surgery is performed laparoscopically, and typically requires two to three days in the hospital, a return to work within about two weeks, and full recovery achieved in about six weeks. Patients will live with a restricted diet and will need to take nutritional supplements each day going forward.

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Gastric Band Revision

After gastric band surgery, the patient may be advised that gastric band revision should be performed. A patient may have experienced insufficient weight loss or regained weight, or has not well-tolerated the band and is suffering nausea, vomiting, trouble swallowing, excessive heartburn, or pain after eating. In some cases, infection has set in or the band may have slipped. In these cases, the patient may need gastric band revision surgery, in which the band is removed and another procedure performed to help the patient achieve the weight loss necessary for a healthier life. The new Los Angeles weight loss surgery procedure could be performed at the time of the removal of the gastric band or several months later, based upon the condition of the patient.

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Gastric Balloon

A gastric balloon or “endoscopic intragastric [within the stomach] balloon” involves placing a silicon balloon in the stomach, limiting the pouch size, so that less food can be consumed. Patients of this Los Angeles weight loss procedure have the benefit of feeling full sooner after eating, so less food is needed, and typically lose about thirty percent of excess weight over a six-month period. The surgery involves the insertion of the balloon through the mouth and down the esophagus, and once in the stomach, it is inflated. The procedure takes only twenty to thirty minutes to complete and is performed on an outpatient basis, with three days to a full recovery. The balloon must be removed after six months. An advantage is the low-risk of complications with the gastric balloon.

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Dual Gastric Balloon

A more recently FDA-approved weight loss procedure is a procedure using dual gastric balloons. Two balloons are inserted into the stomach through the mouth and esophagus, with no need for incisions. This is performed on an out-patient basis. These two balloons are placed in the stomach pouch for a period of six months, upon which they are removed, once again without the need for weight loss surgery. The dual gastric balloon does not alter the shape of the stomach or reroute the intestines as is done in more invasive bariatric surgeries, and has fewer risks. As the patient has a large portion of the stomach full with the inflated dual balloons, it takes far less food to achieve the sensation of fullness and satisfaction, allowing the patient to lose excess weight.

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Our patient stories

Elena - Bakersfield, CA

Weight Before: 219 Lbs

Weight After: 144 Lbs

Elena lost 75 lbs.

“Being over weight caused a feeling of being left out and feeling depressed at times.” Elena H.
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West Medical

Why Choose Bariatric Surgery?

For those that struggle with obesity, the daily strain of dealing with the weight can be overwhelming at times. Dieting and exercise may have failed to make a dent, and the scale seems determined to report the same discouraging numbers despite all efforts.

In such cases, weight loss surgery may represent one of the most effective, proven treatments available to combat late-stage obesity. When paired with comprehensive weight loss counseling and weight management therapy, bariatric surgery can help get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of bariatric surgery

  • Long term weight reduction
  • Shed as much as 50% of excess weight
  • Improvement in type 2 diabetes
  • Improvement in hypertension
  • Lowered risk for heart disease
  • Less need for obesity-related pharmaceuticals
  • Increased self-confidence and well being
  • Reduction in stress levels through a decrease of the hormone cortisol
  • Lowered insulin, leading to more stable blood sugar levels
  • Greater longevity

Why bariatric surgery works

Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) works because it physically appends your stomach’s anatomy, restricting overeating and thus weight gain. Hunger is reduced, and a sensation of fullness becomes the norm. As weight loss ensues, you become more physically active, setting a positive cycle of continuous fat-burning in motion.

In addition to the physical changes possible, weight loss surgery can lead to a renewed joy in being alive, enhanced self-esteem, and improved social relationships, both at home and in the workplace. Clothes fit better, and going out in public is more pleasant. Emotional symptoms of obesity such as anxiety and depression are also greatly reduced.

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The West Medical physicians are dedicated to the most modern, comfortable, and successful vein treatment options for varicose, spider, and reticular veins. Our expert team offers endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), microphlebectomy, surgical ligation and stripping, sclerotherapy and compression therapy. West Medical vein procedures are minimally invasive and can be completed in-office, easing your discomfort and cosmetic concerns with just a simple procedure.

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Why Choose West Medical?

At West Medical, you’ll discover a high-quality network of Los Angeles weight loss surgery physicians dedicated to the common goal of providing the absolute best in patient services. We offer compassionate, knowledgeable care to our patients as partners in their health and well-being.

From routine cosmetic procedures to advanced treatment options in bariatric surgery and varicose veins, at West Medical we treat our patients with care, kindness, and understanding. Each and every individual patient in our network is a unique member of our growing family. Our reputation for providing comprehensive and cutting-edge medical care, combined with our dedicated medical staff’s years of training and experience, ensure you the most progressive care for your needs.

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Lost 118lbs after visit

"Thank you West Medical for playing your part to help bring an incredible change to my life."


Lost 104lbs after visit

"Now I feel good in my clothes, I have more energy and do more things."


Lost 120lbs after visit

"I FEEL INCREDIBLE! I have a lot more energy and am very active."


Lost 100lbs after visit

"I felt like I would never fit in with my family. Now I am living an active lifestyle that I finally get to be a part of. I have lost a total of 100lbs!"


Lost over 100lbs after visit

"I lost 100 pounds with Sleeve Gastrectomy and I feel incredible! I have a lot more energy and feel healthy."

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