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Advanced Technology
in Weight Loss Surgery

At West Medical, we remain on the cutting-edge of medical science. Our doctors use advanced technology to assist in our treatment of weight-related health problems. This technology provides a new perspective on health and surgery as we blend medical expertise with man-made technological innovations.

The daVinci X System

We use the daVinci X system, which allows us to deploy medical robots to assist our skilled surgeons during procedures. This is an asset to our medical team because the robotic mechanisms provide a kind of precision that can only be found in an advanced surgical approach.

The daVinci X system features precise, focused instruments that allow localized surgical techniques to be used during procedures. The robotic arms of the machinery can carry out highly sophisticated maneuvers under the watchful eye and control of a surgeon.

The device contains laser guidance and voice instruction to help surgeons during the essential work of surgery. There are also 3D visualizations of important structures and tools so the surgeon can get a full field view of what they are doing during the procedure. Human vision can’t mimic this effect on its own. The user interface of the daVinci X system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for trained surgeons. This means that the chances of errors in operation are very low to virtually non-existent.

daVinci X system

Technological support provided during surgery also adds an extra failsafe for complicated maneuvers and complex techniques. Surgical robotics is a highly detailed field with a lot of nuances that give surgery a greater number of features that enhance safety and reduce the risk of failure or complications.

While some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a non-human surgical assistant, this device is actually safer than the human hand alone. Skilled surgeons are incredibly talented but human judgment is prone to error. Robotic programs are designed for specificity and precision. For this reason, patients can feel much safer with the daVinci X system in place.

Surgeons and other medical professionals in the operating room are human, which means that they can suffer from fatigue, sickness, and other factors that affect their performance. Surgical robots do not experience these ailments, so the performance will be consistent throughout the entire procedure.

Robot-assisted surgery is on the forefront of modern medicine. As other hospital systems adopt the daVinci X system, West Medical is determined to continue perfecting our surgical techniques. You can feel confident in our procedures knowing that we have taken every available measure for precision, accuracy, and safety.

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