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5 Ways to Use Apps on Your Walks

Written By: Emma Squillace

Walking is one of the best ways to get more movement into your day. When you walk, not only do you burn calories but your blood flow is better and your digestion improves. Going for a walk can also be a great chance to have a mental break from looking at our email, getting our kids to do their homework, or a stressful day at work. If you like walking but are looking to add a little variety to your routine, thinking about using your smart phone:

Listen to an e-book

So many of us have books we want to read, but just can’t find time for. Download or stream an ebook while you’re walking, and not only will you get exercise but you’ll also catch up on some reading. Maybe there’s a great novel your friends have talked about, you want to read the book your high school kid is reading in school, or you want some motivation for health, work, or efficiency. Try Amazon, iTunes, or Audible for paid and free options.

Get a fun walking app

There are a few apps available that add some adventure to your walks. One of the most popular is Zombies, Run! which makes you the central character in a world where you need to collect supplies to try and survive the zombies.  The narrator tells a story while you walk. At parts in the story, you’re told to RUN to escape an impending zombie attack. You can actually run during these parts, or use the time to speed up the pace of your walk if that’s what your fitness level allows for.

Earn money for charity

There’s an app called Charity Miles that lets your walks earn miles for charities. Sponsors donate money, and you can choose from a list of charities that you want your earned money to go to. The charities you can choose from include: ASPCA, Autism Speaks, Feed America, Special Olympics, and Alzheimer’s Association. It’s a little easier to fit in that walk when you know you’re not only benefiting yourself, but are earning money for a charity you care about.

Work up to a 5k

Setting the goal of running (or jogging or walking) a 5k is a great one because it’s a fairly short distance. Instead of starting out by trying to run a marathon, and 5k is about 3 miles. There’s an app called Couch to 5k that will help you go from no running, to running a full 5k with interval training. Remember, even though the app tells you to “run” during certain intervals, you can use these times to walk faster instead. Push yourself but also know your limits – you’ll get faster as time goes on.

See more of your neighborhood

You may be used to walking on the same few routes, but changing those up can add interest and variety to your walk. Or maybe instead of walking near your house, you want to check out new neighborhoods a few times a week. There’s an app called Footpath Route Planner that’s very handy for trying new walks. You can use your finger to draw an approximate route on a map, and the app will show you the actual route to take. It tells you the distance you’ll walk, as well as what kind of hills you’ll come across. You can edit past walks for variety, or make new ones each time.

Walking is an exercise that benefits anyone, of any age, at any level of fitness. Whether you’re just getting back into exercise after years, or you get your 10,000 steps in 7 days a week, using an app to make your walks more interesting can keep you from getting bored. If you’re working on losing weight but are frustrated with a lack of progress, our team can help. Find out how our options can bring you more weight loss success by calling us at 855-690-0565.

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