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9 Things You Can Do to Start Shedding that Winter Weight

Winter weight is a not a new phenomenon. During the holidays, decadent meals, rich desserts, and an extra drink or two are all part of the seasonal celebration. With colder or rougher weather, many people skimp on workouts or outdoor activities, instead opting for more sedentary activities like ordering take-out and binging on the newest television series.

Now that it’s officially spring again, you may be considering some ways in which to lose those pesky few pounds gained during hibernation season. At West Medical, we are dedicated to providing healthy solutions to our patients. When you seek treatment at West Medical, you become a member of our professional family. So in that spirit, here are some helpful and healthful tips to consider as you begin your prep for swimsuit season:

1. The Scientific Seven-Minute Workout

According to the NYTimes, this mini at-home workout requires only you, a chair, and a wall. This workout packs the punch of a long run and weight room session in just seven dedicated minutes. View Routine |
Start Routine.

2. Water, Water, and More Water

Try drinking two glasses of water before the start of each meal. Not only will you feel fuller and consume less food, studies show that increasing your water intake when you’re trying to lose weight can help you shed an extra five pounds .

3. Don’t Let A Slip-Up Derail Your Whole Day

Sometimes, you may hit a few roadblocks or indulge in a few too many treats during your quest to lose weight. But don’t let one indulgent meal put your healthy plans on hold until tomorrow; get back on that horse and don’t push your diet back another day.

4. Be A Mindful Eater

It’s not uncommon to snack or eat meals while scrolling through our cell phones, watching TV, or checking in on our computers. Multi-tasking while eating means that we are less conscious of what and how much goes into our body and when we are really full. Next time you eat lunch, consider focusing solely on your meal—you may notice it takes less to fill you up!

5. Develop A Normal Sleep Schedule

Not only does establishing an earlier bed time help cut down on late night eating, but making sure you’re fully rested and refreshed will help you make better food and exercise choices in the AM.

6. Cut Out Soda and Sugary Drinks

You may have heard this one before, but think of it this way: if you simply replaced your daily can of soda with 1-2 glasses of water or an unsweetened tea, over the next year you could save up to 50,000 calories without stepping foot inside a gym.

7. Don’t Just Cut Carbs – Eat the Right Ones

Don’t cut yourself off completely from all carbohydrates—a popular and ill-conceived dieting technique—just try choosing the carbs that will support your body: brown rice, beans, and quinoa are all great options to reduce sugar cravings and keep you full all day.

8. Make Your Own Meals

By making your own meals, you’re not only saving yourself money, you’re drastically cutting down on your calorie intake. One of the reasons take out and restaurant food tastes so good is because of all the added sugar, butter, and oil – plus the large portion sizes! Take some weekend time to plan and prep your home cooked meals and you’ll enjoy both the financial and health benefits.

9. Cut Back on Cocktails

Along with holiday meals and desserts, a major culprit of weight gain is the empty calories consumed in high-sugar cocktails and carb heavy beers. Forgoing your daily drink at dinnertime could save you about 5,000 calories a month!

At West Medical, your long-term health is our priority. We pride ourselves on being a part of each step of your care. West Medical patients enjoy high rates of success in their procedures, a committed staff of experienced physicians, and a support network to address any questions or considerations one might have when seeking treatment.

Weight loss is an ongoing journey that takes time, patience, and hard work. West Medical offers numerous weight loss surgery procedures. Our board-certified surgeons have performed thousands of successful surgeries. Call us at (855) 690-0565 to set up a consultation.

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