Amy’s Weight Loss Success Story Truly Encourages

The struggle of fighting with obesity has been something that Amy had dealt with for the past 18 years. What’s more, her daughter was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening infection that turned her whole family’s lives upside down.

The depression and stress stemming from dealing with this situation, along with fighting with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies took a tremendous toll on Amy. At the time, she dealt with it by eating her way through the harrowing ordeal, allowing her to gain even more weight.

Even worse, Amy never fit in with her family as her daughter and husband were always healthy and active. She couldn’t even enjoy simple affection from her loving husband because every time he would put his arm around her or try hold her hand, she would cringe, all the while thinking that everyone was looking at and judging her. Amy would even think that everyone around her was thinking while she was out in public with her husband, ‘Why is he with her?’. It was truly an unfortunate point for Amy as she had resigned to being overweight and miserable the rest of her life


Amy was going though all the insurance situations with her daughter and within this period she realized that she had an opportunity to possibly have weight loss surgery. Everyone was against it, including her husband, whom she didn’t fully disclose everything to until she had to go to her overnight sleep study appointment.

She knew this was too important, it was either now or never. Amy’s husband was scared for her and unfortunately didn’t even speak to her for two weeks. However, Amy knew better — this was her last chance to do something drastic and make a life-saving change in her life.


After the weight loss surgery, Amy was able to lose a total of 100 lbs. As a result, she’s now able to live an active and healthy lifestyle with her friends and family, whether it be skateboarding with her daughter, learning to surf with her whole family or even hiking on the weekends with her friends.

Moreover, Amy shared a revitalized sense of affection with her husband. She had forgotten what it was like to be held and touched, but a while after her surgery, Amy’s husband put a comforting arm around her, sending a jolt of electricity through her body. It was as if she was a teenager again with all these emotions and excitement reawakened in her.

Amy’s account of successfully fulfilling her goal to live a healthy and active lifestyle through weight loss surgery is truly one that encourages and gives comfort to those looking into such an alternative.

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