Brenda Feels Young Again After Successful Lap Band Surgery

Brenda had always been overweight her whole life. The pain of dealing with the bullying and teasing due to her being overweight was unbearable, leading her to want to stay indoors most of the time. After having four children, she gained even more weight, and falling ill later on lead her to believe that her weight problem may have been the cause.


After being diagnosed with uterine cancer and getting a complete hysterectomy Brenda knew she had to make a drastic change. She soon decided on getting lap band surgery, a procedure that remarkably changed her life for the better.


After the lap band surgery, Brenda noticed a marked change in her energy level and overall well-being. She was now able to enjoy keeping up and being in the company of her four daughters and nineteen grandchildren! She even finds herself going to more sporting events and amusement parks and enjoying them. Brenda’s seemingly younger appearance as a result of the lap band procedure drew many compliments daily as well.

Most important, Brenda was able to find the love of her life recently. After losing her husband of 32 years to cancer a few years ago, she was afraid she’d be alone. It is without a doubt that thanks to the lap band procedure that she received from the doctors at West Medical, Brenda feels like she’s young again!

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