Cheryl’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Gave Her Life Back

Being overweight had been a lifelong problem for Cheryl. Between constantly snacking on unhealthy food, eating portions that were too big and letting a high intake of soda go unchecked, her weight was always an issue.

Soon, Cheryl’s weight problem lead to depression, lethargy and the lack of motivation to do anything that involved a lot of physical activity. Sadly, this lead to her having no energy and no desire to go out and enjoy life.


To try and make a difference about her weight, Cheryl joined a weight loss program and initially made progress. Soon, she found herself skipping out on weigh-ins for a few weeks, which then turned into a few months. Before she knew it, Cheryl had gained back the 75 pounds of weight she had lost. This setback frustrated Cheryl so much that she quit the weight loss program and began to research online the possibility of weight loss surgery. After a positive impression she received from meeting with West Medical, Cheryl made the decision to go through with the lap band surgery.


After the lap band surgery, Cheryl was losing weight steadily. However, she soon ran into a few complications that threatened all the progress she’d made with the lap band surgery. West Medical’s doctors offered a better alternative through the gastric sleeve procedure instead. Cheryl then went through with removing the band and proceeded to go with the gastric sleeve surgery.

Since the gastric sleeve surgery, she’s now lost almost 100 pounds! Cheryl claims this as the best decision of her life. She now feels better than she’s felt in her whole life as she now has enough energy to hit the gym four days a week and play with her grandkids. Truly, Cheryl feels like West Medical helped get her life back.

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