Elena’s Successful Gastric Sleeve Procedure Created a New Healthy Lifestyle For Her

For Elena, struggling with being overweight started early, at the tender age of six after the separation of her parents. As a result, Elena wound up living with her grandmother, where she developed the feeling of safety and love through the food that was cooked for her. However, this relationship with food was what contributed to the weight gain.

Dealing with the being overweight took a toll on Elena emotionally, as she often felt left out, at times depressed and also lacking in being able to participate in activities and reach goals. Physically, Elena dealt with pain and discomfort in her knees whenever climbing stairs or bending down. Furthermore, she also had to deal with high blood pressure.


After trying different kinds of diets and exercise regimens, Elena heard about surgical weight loss. Once a doctor had told her that diets wouldn’t work with her weight loss, she became more motivated to look into the possibility of weight loss surgery. For the next two years, she searched for different weight loss options, but certain places did not accept her type of insurance. It wasn’t until Elena visited West Medical that she was able to receive help through the gastric sleeve procedure.


One of the first improvements that Elena immediately noticed after getting the gastric sleeve procedure was that her blood pressure had went down. Then, after losing 30 pounds, the pain and discomfort in her knees stopped whenever she climbed stairs. When it came to physical activities, she took note of how she increased her stamina when walking. In the end, Elena’s self-esteem improved dramatically, leading to greater success in her career.

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