Gastric Balloon (Orbera | Spatz)

Gastric balloons are inserted into the stomach, where they take up space and reduce the available volume for food intake. This procedure is non-invasive.

gastric balloon

We offer gastric balloon surgery using two types of gastric balloons: Orbera and Spatz. Both types of gastric balloons have unique advantages for patients.

Orbera is the best type of gastric balloon on the market. They are filled with saline solution and contribute to feelings of fullness. This helps patients eat fewer calories while they go through their weight loss journey.

Patients with a BMI of 27 or higher are eligible for Orbera at our practice. This opens up this effective gastric balloon to more patients than normal. Typically, gastric balloons are approved for patients with BMIs between 30 and 40. We encourage the sleeve gastrectomy procedure for patients with BMIs over 30, so we extend the Orbera balloon procedure to a bit lower of a BMI range.

Gastric balloons are temporarily placed in your stomach to help you lose weight. The surgery is done endoscopically. For this reason, there are no incisions necessary, making this procedure extremely safe. Recovery time is very fast when compared to other weight-loss surgeries.

Orbera gastric balloons have been shown to help patients lose more than 12% of their starting body weight. Orbera gastric balloons are placed for 6 months and have an extremely low rate of early removal.

Spatz gastric balloons are adjustable and remain in place for 12 months. While the duration of treatment is longer, patients see an average weight loss totaling 14% of their original body weight. Expected excess weight loss for the Spatz balloon is around 46% by the time of removal.

Patients may experience discomfort, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, acid reflux, burping, heartburn with a gastric balloon procedure. There is an extensive 12-month diet and exercise program that follows a gastric balloon procedure which must be followed to ensure success. There are some conditions which would disqualify patients from receiving a gastric balloon, which is why a free consultation with one of our expert bariatric surgeons is advised.

At West Medical, if you choose the gastric balloon procedure, we’ll help you choose the gastric balloon that best suits your individual weight loss needs. We want you to feel comfortable with your minimally-invasive weight loss procedure.


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