Gastric Sleeve Reviews Point to Successful Long Term Weight Loss

Looking for gastric sleeve reviews? You’re not alone. The procedure often also referred to as a sleeve gastrectomy has become the most popular surgical option here at West Medical due to the benefits it provides. Our patients consistently rave about their outcomes.
So what exactly does a gastric sleeve involve? The procedure reduces the size of the stomach by about 85%. After the procedure, patients cannot eat as much as they were previously able to without causing themselves discomfort. As a result, they are less inclined to overeat and are more able to successfully lose weight. But that’s not the whole story.
What sets the gastric sleeve apart from some other bariatric procedures is that a portion of the removed material includes a part of the stomach that produces hormones responsible for causing feelings of hunger. By eliminating the constant nagging hunger pangs, patients aren’t constantly being “reminded” that they need to eat and have a lot less interest in doing so.

Why the Gastric Sleeve is Better for Many

Study after study has shown that, while diet and exercise really can lead to weight loss, they are only truly effective if the individual is able to stick to a significantly smaller caloric intake…permanently. This, as most obese people already know only too well, is a lot easier said than done. It’s not just that hunger hormones are making them want to eat too much; it’s that, as they lose weight, the production of these hormones continues to increase. It’s no wonder then that, sooner or later, most people who try to lose weight eventually fail.
That’s where the gastric sleeve enters the picture. Without incessant hunger pangs and a stomach capable of comfortably taking in large amounts of food, it’s easy to see why gastric sleeve patients have been able to lose all or most of their excess weight not just for a while, but permanently.

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