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A Guide to Weight Loss Surgery in Los Angeles

When you try to lose weight and fail, or succeed in shedding some pounds for a little while only to gain the weight back, you can get frustrated.

Although it’s easy to blame yourself for not losing weight, the truth is that weight loss – and maintaining that weight loss – is a substantial challenge because of factors outside your control like your genetics, the environment, and your body’s resistance to losing fat.

When you are thinking about all these contributing factors, you may have considered weight loss surgery as your best option for a more lasting, healthy solution.

At West Medical, we understand deciding to have weight loss surgery is a major life decision. There are multiple factors that go into the decision, and we are here to help you choose the best path for your health and wellness.

A Weight Loss Surgeon with Experience

Deciding to lose weight can be a daunting task. However, you can make your journey easier with the support of an expert team that understands the science behind weight loss. At West Medical, we can give you the support you need, so you can surround yourself with people who can go on that journey with you step by step:

  • We will be there with you leading up to your surgery day. There will be steps to go through, to prepare you for the greatest chance of success. We will guide you through these steps.
  • The day of surgery can be scary and exciting, as you kick off the weight loss that can last a lifetime. Our team will be there to create a safe and comfortable environment for you.
  • After surgery you will want your body to heal as quickly and as easily as possible. Our program will lead you through steps that will make the recovery as smooth as possible.
  • After your recovery, we’ll help you find a realistic lifestyle that supports your goals of better health and lasting weight loss.

At West Medical, it is about more than just giving you the medical attention you require; it is about making sure you are completely taken care of.

We understand that health care decisions can be difficult and may sometimes feel overwhelming, but we are always ready to help patients make good choices and enjoy the best possible outcomes.

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Types of Weight Loss Surgery: Gastric Sleeve vs. Lap Band Surgery

Patients often ask our team at West Medical about Gastric Sleeve vs. Lap Band Surgery. That makes sense because these two procedures, as well as the formerly popular gastric bypass, tend to be addressed in the media as if they were all the same operation. That’s clearly not the case and we hope the following descriptions will make the respective features of these procedures plain.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

The Lap Band is the best-known brand name for a banding surgery that ties off a majority of the stomach, making overeating extremely uncomfortable. Since patients naturally want to avoid these feelings, individuals tend to have a significantly reduced appetite and thus are able to lose weight. One aspect of banding that makes patients feel more comfortable with their decision is that the procedure is removable and adjustable, as the band can be adjusted or removed completely if necessary – though, if everything works out, the procedure is actually permanent. One downside of Lap Band is that it usually requires several adjustment procedures in order to achieve the desired results.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve is a surgery that permanently removes approximately 75-85% of the stomach. Included in the stomach removal is what is believed to be an area responsible for producing the hormone responsible for most of the hunger pangs that increasingly plague dieters as they struggle to lose weight and then keep the weight off. This means that patients may obtain a double benefit. First, their smaller stomach makes overeating unpleasant in the manner of a Lap Band. Second, without hormones spurring frequent cravings, patients may not even want to overeat in the first place.

The procedure has proven to be extremely helpful in limiting the nagging feelings of appetite that sooner or later sabotage the large majority of attempts to defeat severe obesity. Increasingly, doctors believe sleeve procedures have proven to be more effective than banding because removing a large portion of the stomach also removes the part of the digestive system which produces most of the body’s hunger-inducing hormones. The result is that patients are discouraged from overeating not only due to the fact that it has become uncomfortable but because they are also experiencing less of the hungry feelings that might cause them to overeat.

Is Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band Surgery Right for You?

Whatever your weight loss surgery concerns may be, the West Medical team of leading weight loss specialists is ready to assist you. To get started today, simply call us or fill out our contact form below.

As sleeve procedures have become more prominent, the data on their benefits have become clearer along with the reduced number of complications. Lap Band-to-sleeve conversions have become increasingly popular for this reason.

Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Surgery Procedure Outcomes

Gastric sleeve and Lap Band procedures are inherently different but both aim to dramatically reduce the capacity of the stomach. This means that patients who obtain either surgery won’t be able to eat the same amount of food per meal as before. On the other hand, gastric sleeve patients may be motivated to be more careful in their choice of foods compared to Lap Band patients.

Recovery Differences Between Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Surgery

Just as the procedures are different, so are the recovery processes for Gastric Sleeve and Lap Band Surgery.

Following gastric sleeve surgery, patients may need to stay in outpatient recovery for up to 24 hours as a precaution to ensure that there are no serious complications. After returning home, patients can expect to return to work within a week.

Conversely, Lap Band patients can typically go home immediately after the procedure with the assistance of a loved one.

That being said, Lap Band surgery requires periodic adjustments to ensure proper placement. As each follow-up procedure will involve its own recovery period, the combined downtime may end up being longer in comparison to gastric sleeve recovery.

Does West Medical Take Insurance?

West Medical accepts most major insurance plans. Insurance companies may cover all or a portion of the costs associated with the surgery. The exact breakdown will vary depending on the patient, their insurance plan, and the specifics of the surgery.

At West Medical, our physicians are dedicated to individualized treatment, ensuring that your specific needs are met. To learn more about the best weight loss surgeon options in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire, as well as other weight loss options, call us at (855) 690-0565 and schedule your consultation today!

You can also click on this link to read more about insurance coverage for weight loss surgeries.

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