Haley, of Bullhead City Arizona, has the most important things in life going for her: a wonderful family consisting of three beautiful daughters and a loving husband of 14 years and counting, and a career in ultrasound that she has loved doing since 2007. However, her full satisfaction in life was not being fulfilled due to her struggle with weight gain since the 11th grade. She admits that the plethora of delicious, albeit sometimes unhealthy, food options was what caused the struggle of losing weight and then quickly gaining it back.


Her moment of change came when she felt at her heaviest and seeing pictures of herself, along with viewing the results whenever she stepped on a scale. Haley was disgusted with what she saw and knew that she had to make an important change soon.


After having successful weight-loss surgery, Haley is reaping the benefits of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Now gone are her issues with feeling self-conscious and worrying about what people thought of her. What replaced such feelings are the rewards of feeling more confident, having more energy, feeling good in her clothes and being able to do more activities. What’s more, Haley is able to sustain her new healthy life through a workout regimen of hitting the gym three times a week and walking a total of 16 miles per week. What supports her success even more is a diet that’s portion controlled and consists of salads, chicken and the treat of an occasional sweet.

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