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How To Exercise With Kids

Written By: Emma Squillace

If you have kids, you probably find that fitting in exercise can be even more challenging since they need your attention. At West Medical we know that when busy moms and dads find ways to exercise with their kids around, they’re more likely to find success in their weight loss journeys. Here are some simple exercises that you can do without leaving the house to go to the gym.

Calf raises before a meal

If you’re standing at the stove cooking a meal, this is a good time to fit in leg exercises. While you’re waiting for food to brown or be ready for stirring, slowly raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet. Lower down slowly too, and repeat 10 times. If you’re feeling really strong, lift one foot off the ground and try the calf raises with one foot at a time.  Use the counter for balance. Try to fit in 4 sets of 10 raises while your meal is on the stove.

Planks during tummy time

Do you have a baby? When your baby is lying on the floor or having tummy time, try a plank. Even if you can only hold the position for 5 or 10 seconds at first, you’ll get stronger each time you do this. Try to hold the plank for a total of 60 – 120 seconds, even if that means 5 or 10 seconds at a time with breaks in between. After a few weeks you’ll probably find you can hold the plank for longer between breaks. Once you’re comfortable and have more arm strength, there are lots of plank variations you can try like lifting up one foot or a foot and an arm.

Stairs during chores

You may feel like you’re constantly going up and down the stairs if you’re taking care of your baby or running around after kids. This can be a good thing! Try fitting even more stair climbing into your day. If laundry needs to go upstairs, carry small piles up so you make 5 trips in a row. You can also start and end your day with 5 trips up and down the stairs. Aim for 15 extra staircases each day. Once that’s easier for you, move it up to 25. Raise yourself up each stair slowly for even more of a leg workout.

Arm exercises at the playground

If you take your kids to the park or playground, this can be a great place to fit in some simple workout moves. You can do modified pushups by placing your hands on the back of a bench while you stand a few feet away from it in an inclined position. The farther away you stand, the more challenging the pushups will be. Once you’re stronger, stand in front of the bench and put your hands on the seat of it for deeper pushups. Triceps dips are also a great exercise to do on a park bench or at the playground. Three sets of eight pushups and eight tricep dips is a good goal to start with.

Core strengthening in traffic

Being stuck in traffic, waiting to pick up a car pool, or running errands with your kids can actually be a good time to fit in some ab exercises. When sitting in your car, maintain good posture and contract your ab muscles by pulling them in hard. Hold the contraction for 5 seconds, relax, and repeat. Try to do 4 sets of 10 each day and work up to more sets, or holding your contracted muscles for longer. Think about pulling in the muscles near the top of your core as well as your lower stomach muscles. For variation and to target slightly different muscles, twist your upper body slightly to one side as you contract.

Even though it can be hard to fit in exercise with kids around, it’s not only beneficial to you but to them as well. If they see your positive attitude towards moving and being a healthy weight, they’re more likely to have that same positive attitude themselves.

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