Jeff Feels Alive Again After Lap Band Surgery

You would say that Jeff is a man who’s experienced plenty and has much to show for it: he served in the Armed Forces from 1970-1972, just celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife and has three children and six grandchildren. On top of all that, he still manages to find the time to enjoy the outdoors, whether it be fishing or playing sports.

For Jeff, he was always the guy who was up to the challenge of eating the biggest burger, burrito, steak, you name it. On Sundays, the traditional snack of chips and dip to accompany watching the football games was the norm. When it came to work, he’d often be so busy that he’d not eat all day and find himself having a meal in front of the television later in the evening. Soon all of these unhealthy eating habits caught up to him, and though he tried to remedy the situation with diets, he found that he had little success with them.


The moment of change came to Jeff when his doctor laid out the severity of his unhealthy lifestyle for him: he was a perfect candidate for a stroke or heart attack and he had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Furthermore, Jeff lost his brother to a stroke two months later. Such instances were very sobering to Jeff and he knew he had to make an immediate change.


After successful lap band surgery, Jeff feels like he has his life back! Gone now are the medications he has to take for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. So too were the high chances of him suffering a stroke or heart attack. Jeff now has plenty of energy and motivation to start on his new path to a healthier lifestyle.

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