Joel C. Is On His Way To His Weight Loss Goals Thanks To Lap Band Surgery

As a young man, Joel enjoyed an active lifestyle and trim physique of 170 pounds thanks to his time in the Air Force. However, after leaving the service, that active lifestyle was soon nonexistent and quickly contributed to significant weight gain for Joel. The slowed metabolism that came with older age added on more weight for Joel – by the time he was 45 he weighed 265 pounds.


Joel ultimately had enough of his weight problems, as he longed to enjoy life to the fullest with his wife and family. He also needed to keep his blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, things that were complicated and kept high due to his weight. What’s more, Joel wanted to travel the world with his wife, something that he knew would require a level of fitness to be able to enjoy and have fun on these trips.


Following successful lap band surgery, Joel is now delighted to find himself 50 pounds lighter and on his way to reach his weight loss goals. He hopes to soon begin playing softball again once he’s reached those goals. Another benefit, Joel no longer needs to take medication for his high cholesterol and blood pressure. Such on-going success is something that is definitely motivating for Joel to adhere to his new, healthier lifestyle.

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