Kevin Feels A Lot Better About Himself After Weight Loss Surgery

Kevin is a loving family man with a wife and two children who found himself having trouble with his weight. After coaching for 24 years, he is now a trainer at a high school. Over the years, he found himself getting less active, which lead to a weight gain of five to ten pounds a year.


Imagine Kevin’s disappointment when he felt like he could not help out his son after being asked to help him train for baseball. Being in no condition to even help out his son train and play for baseball was a low point for Kevin and he knew that he had to make a significant change about his health right away.


Following successful weight loss surgery, Kevin now feels great and gets lots of positive comments, things that now make him feel a lot better about himself. What’s more, he is now able to coach his son in baseball!

Noting his diet, Kevin says he still is able to eat what he wants, but now in controlled portions. To help keep his health in check, Kevin goes walking a lot – five days a week.

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