Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve: Some of the Basics

Lap Band vs gastric sleeve is on the minds of many prospective weight loss surgery patients here at West Medical. If you’re like most people with a passing familiarity with bariatric procedures, you may have heard of both of these options but had a difficult time differentiating them. Below are some of the basics.

What is the Lap Band?

The Lap Band is the best known brand name for a banding surgery that ties off a majority of the stomach, making overeating extremely uncomfortable. Since patients naturally want to avoid these feelings, individuals tend to have a significantly reduced appetite and thus are able to lose weight. One aspect of banding that makes patients feel more comfortable with their decision is that the procedure is removable and adjustable, as the band can be adjusted or removed completely if necessary – though, if everything works out, the procedure is actually permanent. One downside of Lap Band is that it usually requires several adjustment procedures in order to achieve the desired results.

What is a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is a surgery that permanently removes approximately 75-85% or the stomach. Included in the stomach removal is what is believed to be an area responsible for producing the hormone responsible for most of the hunger pangs that increasingly plague dieters as they struggle to lose weight and then keep the weight off.  This means that patients may obtain a double benefit. First, their smaller stomach makes overeating unpleasant in the manner of a Lap Band. Second, without hormones spurring frequent cravings, patients may not even want to overeat in the first place.

Is a Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band Right for You?

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