Larry Is Leading A New Active Lifestyle After Weight-Loss Surgery

Growing up in Southern California and its gorgeous weather exposed Larry to plenty of outdoor activities that kept him fit throughout his younger years. What’s more, living near the beach allowed Larry to use the ocean as his ultimate playground, leading to plenty of action in the water for him, whether it be through surfing or diving.

After becoming a single parent, the challenges and demands of raising a child by himself soon took up most of his time, leaving little attention to his previous active lifestyle. This then lead to weight gain that got to a point where his body was suffering from several complications from it. Walking and sleeping suddenly became a trial. Experiencing such unfortunate results from the weight gain made Larry realize that he needed to make a life-changing choice about weight-loss.

The rewards of going through with weight-loss surgery, along with its successful results, have given Larry a renewed lease on life. He’s now back to doing the activities he loves such as surfing and diving and is even dating again. Larry now finds himself to be happy again after transitioning into his new healthy lifestyle, which he maintains through regular exercise like surfing and diving, long walks with his dog and portion-controlled meals.

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