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New Year, New Option

Written By: Emma Squillace

The new year brings a chance for fresh starts, new habits, and a time to think about what’s important to us. For 2017, West Medical is happy to be welcoming the new year with a new, innovative weight loss option. We have a range of treatments including surgical and non-surgical weight loss procedures and are excited to introduce you to our newest choice: Obalon. As one of the few practices chosen to offer Obalon, we are the premier source for this gastric balloon. We are happy to answer your questions and allow our patients to benefit from the newest safe and effective weight loss option.

What is Obalon?

Obalon is a weight loss balloon system, which allows patients to benefit from healthy lifestyle changes by amplifying the weight loss that comes with eating less and moving more. Obalon takes up room in your stomach, so people feel full after eating just a small portion of food, and report the feeling of fullness lasts longer than usual.

How is Obalon put in place?

You may know that other weight loss balloons are placed down your throat, into your stomach, while you’re under sedation. Obalon, on the other hand, requires no sedation. With Obalon, you swallow a pill with a deflated balloon inside it. Once the pill is in your stomach, a thin tube attached to the pill is used to inflate the balloon with gas. The balloon is the size of a small orange. Your doctor may give you as many as three balloons, each spaced two weeks apart.

What are advantages of Obalon?

Because Obalon is a pill that you swallow, you can go home right after it is placed, with minimal down time. Additionally, other weight loss balloons are filled with liquid, and the placement of the balloon can feel like a big change all at once. The large balloon, which a heavy liquid filling, leads to pretty significant nausea for most people during their first week. Because the Obalon balloons are small, can be introduced over a few weeks, and are filled with gas – they are lighter and less substantial of a change to your body. Patients using Obalon report less discomfort and nausea than with other balloons.

What is the weight loss process like with Obalon?

Once the Obalon balloons are in place, you’ll begin a weight loss program with our team of experts. The balloons will help by taking up room in your stomach. After eating a small portion of food, most patients report they feel full. You’ll learn healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes that work for you. Your balloons will be removed 6 months after the first one was put in place. You then will continue to work with us for another 6 months to maintain your weight loss or continue to lose more weight.

Do I qualify for Obalon?

If you are an adult over the age of 22, with a BMI between 30 and 40, you may qualify for Obalon. You also must be willing to follow a year-long weight loss program. There are certain conditions that may disqualify you from Obalon including pregnancy, alcoholism, certain allergies, or GI disorders. The team at West Medical can help you understand Obalon’s requirements, and whether this may be a good option for you.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, this year can be the one when you succeed. In studies, patients who had Obalon lost about twice as much weight as patients who tried diet and exercise alone. If your new year’s resolution is to lose weight, Obalon may be a great option for giving you the best chance of success. As the premiere source for this new procedure, we are available to talk to you today. You can reach our team at 855-690-0565 to learn more about Obalon or our other weight loss options.

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