Nutasha’s Decision To Get Lap Band Surgery Was the Best Decision of Her Life

For Nutasha, her struggle with being overweight spans 16 years. Beginning with her first pregnancy, the yo-yo cycle of some weight loss followed by more weight gained became a serious hurdle for her.

The simple and significant things that she wanted to do like ride bikes and play with her children, sit with them and simply keep up with them ended up being quite difficult to do while being overweight.


After coming to the realization that every diet she had tried so far was a failure, she simply was displeased with such results and met with a doctor to look into weight loss surgery.

The procedure that Nutasha and her doctor had decided best for her was the lap band procedure, which she had done in August 2012.


Ever since getting the lap band procedure, Nutasha’s life has dramatically changed for the better. Besides being excited to go clothes shopping again for the first time in years, she’s felt ten times better than before the surgery, lost over 101 pounds and is only 13 pounds away from her goal of reaching 150 pounds.

Truly Nutasha is convincing when she declared getting lap band surgery as being the best decision she has ever made in life.

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