Sonia Is Feeling and Looking Great After Successful Weight Loss Surgery

After three years of suffering through severe lower back and joint pain due to weight gained over the years, Sonia knew that she had to make an important
change in her life. Even though she stepped up the intensity of her workouts and hiking, the pain lingered and even worse, increased. As a result, Sonia
turned to Advil for help in recuperating and pain management, though it proved to be just a short term remedy, as she soon developed an allergy to it. Left
with little alternatives and plenty of frustration with her lack of effectiveness in the gym and increasing body pain, Sonia started to look into weight-loss
surgeries as a solution.

Hearing all the glowing reviews about West Medical helped Sonia make the right choice to look into getting weight-loss surgery. Her ever supportive husband,
who always accompanied her on all her workouts and hikes, knew how much pain she was in and backed her decision by showing much encouragement. An appointment
with West Medical was soon scheduled and after receiving all the necessary information from the knowledgeable and helpful staff, Sonia signed up to start the
process of getting the gastric sleeve procedure. What stood out to her was the continued support shown by West Medical’s staff. From her surgeon Dr.
Shabatian, to the nurses and patient coordinators, above and beyond service was all she experienced before and even after the surgery.


Such care shown by West Medical helped tremendously in Sonia’s recovery from the procedure, allowing her to transition well into her new healthy lifestyle
and continue progress.

Nowadays, Sonia finds herself 60 pounds lighter and counting. Her workout regimen resumed and even improved, leading to her even beginning running several
weeks ago. As a result, Sonia was able to sign up for her first race in years. Yes, the health benefits and progress that Sonia has experienced through
successful weight-loss surgery have been life-changing. Her happiness with the results truly shows now and she recommends this procedure to anyone who has
struggled with weight loss and has not been successful with diets.

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