The Healthier Alternatives at The Cheesecake Factory


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The Cheesecake Factory is a popular dining destination for its family friendly menu and atmosphere, upscale casual feel and of course, the cheesecakes. However, thanks to large portions, typical dishes offered and of course, the cheesecakes, this spot is tough to negotiate a healthy meal. Here are a few smarter choices to order when you’re trying to watch what you’re eating.

SKINNYLICIOUS TUSCAN CHICKEN: This dish is full of flavor and an optimum choice for lean protein and fiber from the chicken and veggies. You won’t have to worry about over-indulging with this well-balanced meal.

SHEILA’S CHICKEN AND AVOCADO SALAD: The savory and sweet blend of flavors in this healthy, vitamin-packed salad is a prime choice for healthy eating. Just make sure to order the tortilla chips and dressing on the side.

SKINNYLICIOUS GRILLED TURKEY BURGER: When you’re hankering for a good burger fix, without the guilt, definitely go with the grilled turkey burger from The Cheesecake Factory’s “Skinnylicious” menu.

KALE AND QUINOA SALAD: With this salad, you get a pleasant blend of rich quinoa, crunchy kale, tender red peppers and juicy grapes that’s just right in portion and will keep your hunger satisfied.

CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM LETTUCE WRAPS: Expect a nice, balanced calorie count with this dish. At just 27 grams of carbs, 23 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat per plate, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

SKINNYLICIOUS VEGGIE BURGER: This offering is a step above the rest of the bland veggie burger choices since it is made with whole grains like farro and antioxidant-rich ingredients like mushrooms, black beans and onion.

SANTA FE SALAD: Coming in at just 540 calories, this healthy salad should be ordered with the dressing and cheese on the side, so you can have more control of how much you’ll eat, thus keeping your calorie count low.

SKINNYLICIOUS SOFT TACOS: The avocado that accompanies the other healthy fillings in these tacos provides a great source of healthy fat to keep your meal balanced.

CHEESECAKE: Of course, it would definitely be a treat to indulge in a little bit of The Cheesecake Factory’s namesake offering. Just make sure to order the plain original cheesecake and share it with others at your table. If you happen to be dining alone, take a few bites and take the rest home to enjoy later with your friends or family.

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