The Weight Loss Procedure in Los Angeles For You


Choosing the best weight loss procedure in Los Angeles or anywhere else can be challenging. Fortunately, our West Medical team of leading bariatric specialists is here to help you navigate your weight loss journey.

The West Medical team offers leading-edge non-surgical procedures such as the ESG “accordion” procedure and gastric balloons. However, these procedures are primarily intended for patients who may not be qualified for the weight loss surgeries that have produced outstanding results for so many severely obese patients. Eligible patients can take advantage of the following surgical procedures:

  • In gastric bypass surgery, a small portion of the stomach is separated from the rest and the intestinal tract is diverted. The result causes patients to feel full much quicker with less amount of food in addition to decreasing the amount of nutrients that are absorbed into the body. While this procedure is one of the more drastic forms of weight loss surgery, its benefits are plentiful and it is highly reliable. As the oldest procedure, it is also the most well-documented. Still, it alters the digestive tract in a way that more recent procedures do not.
  • Lap Band, or adjustable gastric band surgery, is when a band is used to alter the stomach’s shape and minimize the amount of food an individual can comfortably consume. This procedure is much less invasive than a bypass and has enjoyed some popularity. However, band revision procedures have also become more popular as some patients find that they are not achieving the full benefits they may have been hoping for.
  • With gastric sleeve surgery, roughly 85% of the stomach is removed, including a portion that produces a crucial hunger-inducing hormone. With a smaller stomach making eating uncomfortable, and fewer hormonal hunger-inducing signals, this procedure has proven highly reliable and is, for many, the “Goldilocks” choice in weight loss surgeries – highly reliable but also much less drastic than the gastric bypass.

For more information on West Medical’s many offerings, call the number on your screen or get in touch with us through our contact page.

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