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Top 5 Obalon Questions Answered

Written By: Emma Squillace

Have you heard about Obalon? It’s the weight loss system of up to 3 stomach balloons that recently earned FDA approval. Obalon is different from anything else we offer because the balloons are swallowed, which means there’s virtually no downtime in having this weight loss procedure performed. Patients have been asking us about Obalon, so we want to address 5 of their FAQs.

Will I feel that the Obalon balloons are in my stomach?

Patients generally don’t feel the balloons in their stomach, but they do have the sensation of being full. Some say they feel pressing on their stomach. Each balloon is about the size of a small orange, and is filled with gas, so while you may not exactly be able to tell there are balloons taking up room in your stomach, you will feel their presence. When you eat, you’ll know the balloons are there because you’ll become full more quickly and can feel nauseous if you eat too fast or don’t chew your food properly. Following our program carefully is the key to feeling well and finding success with Obalon.

What experience does your team have with weight loss?

Dr. Hooman and his team at West Medical have extensive experience with a variety of weight loss options from surgeries like the gastric sleeve, to non-surgical options like the Obalon Balloon System. Dr. Hooman was chosen out of many doctors to be one of the first in the region to offer Obalon. Our experts are proud to be in the exclusive group that gets to help patients lose weight with these gastric balloons.

Can I eat my favorite foods if I have the Obalon balloon system?

Most of the foods you used to enjoy, can still be eaten if you have Obalon. However, you’ll work with our team to find variations of your old eating habits whether that’s swapping out foods for healthier versions, or keeping desserts and snacks to a minimum. One of the major things you’ll notice is the focus on smaller portion size. This won’t be too hard though, because the balloons will help you feel full more rapidly. Patients say the balloons help them not want to eat a lot of food, and not want to eat quickly. Since the key to the balloon’s success is making good food choices, we’ll help you focus on lean protein, and steer away from too many complex carbohydrates and sugars.

How much weight can I lose?

In studies, patients using Obalon have lost up to 50 pounds. When compared to patients who tried diet and exercise alone, Obalon resulted in approximately double the weight loss on average. How much weight you lose with Obalon will depend on many factors including the lifestyle changes you make.

Will I regain the weight as soon as the balloons are removed?

When we look at the data from an Obalon study, we see that those patients kept off almost 90% of the weight they lost, 6 months after the balloons were removed. The reason they were able to maintain their weight loss is that the Obalon system lets you relearn how to eat. The balloons give you the opportunity to adjust your portion sizes, make healthier choices, and learn the patterns that work for you. Maintaining your weight loss will depend on maintaining the new lifestyle and eating habits you’ve learned.

I’m interested in Obalon. What would my first appointment be like?

If you think Obalon could be a good weight loss option for you, call our offices at 855-690-0565 and ask to schedule consultation with our weight loss team. When you come in for your appointment, Dr. Hooman and his team will do several things to help decide if you are a good candidate for this procedure. They’ll take a detailed medical history, ask you questions about your lifestyle and eating habits, and may do tests based upon any other information they need. You’ll be educated about Obalon, and work with our team to decide if this is the right weight loss option for you.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and are frustrated with the cycle of losing and regaining, get in touch with us. As the premiere source for the new Obalon balloon system, we are happy to speak with you. You can reach our team at 855-690-0565 to learn more about Obalon or our other weight loss options.

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