Weight Loss Revision Surgery

Sometimes, weight loss surgery does not go as planned and a procedure may have resulted in complications or does not bring about as much weight loss as planned.

medical loss revision

This can leave you with complications or roadblocks on your weight loss journey. At West Medical, we offer weight loss revision surgery to correct previous surgical issues.

Gastric Band Revision

Gastric bands can require adjustment or removal if your body stops responding well to the placement. There is also a phenomenon called Lap-Band slippage, which can require adjustment or removal of the band. Our skilled surgeons can revise the placement and tightness of the gastric band to help you maintain weight loss results.

Gastric bands are meant to reduce the volume of food you can consume by tightening the opening around your stomach. This can become ineffective over time due to a number of factors. Overeating, binging, and subsequent weight gain can render gastric bands ineffective. This is one reason why endoscopic sleeves are considered to be a much better approach today.

Our surgeons will go in laparoscopically through very small incisions to fix the placement of your gastric band. This will bring you relief and comfort as you continue on your weight loss journey.

Lap-Band® Surgery

Lap-band surgery is used to create a “second stomach” that is smaller, holding a smaller total volume of food. The band tightens around your stomach to produce a pouch-like structure that holds the food you consume.

Lap-Bands produce a lot of pain when patients try to eat due to the tight squeeze of the band around their stomachs. While lap-band surgery used to be a popular alternative to gastric bypass, we now have more medical knowledge and can recommend better surgeries like the endoscopic sleeve. We don’t want patients to be in pain to lose weight.

Lap-Bands carry the risk of slippage if the patient’s stomach moves around the band. When this happens, the Lap-Band is removed. If you have already undergone a Lap-Band procedure and experienced complications, we can perform a sleeve gastrectomy to correct it.

Lap-Bands slip and cause complications in around 25 to 30% of procedures. Therefore, to avoid erosion into the stomach and slippage, we recommend sleeve gastrectomies instead.

Gastric Bypass Revision

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common weight loss procedures available for obese patients. However, some patients regain the weight they have lost due to lifestyle habits or medical complications.

Gastric bypass revision performed by the talented surgeons at West Medical can correct the complications you experience. We perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery to prevent further complications. Sleeve gastrectomies have far fewer complications and do not carry the risk of nutrient malabsorption as gastric bypass does.

If you have experienced adverse results from gastric bypass surgery, a gastric bypass revision procedure might be the best option for you. We want you to achieve your weight loss goals without worrying about reversing the results of your gastric bypass. Our revision procedure can get you back on the right track again.

SIPS Procedure

SIPS stands for stomach intestinal pylorus-sparing surgery. This is considered to be a hybrid procedure, combining the effects of gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy surgery. During this procedure, the surgeon reroutes part of your digestive tract to keep your body from absorbing the full calorie content of your food.

We perform SIPS procedures on patients with gastric sleeves who are regaining the weight they have lost. While weight gain is rare after a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, it can happen in a small number of patients. SIPS prevents further weight gain by taking away some of the caloric content of the food the patient eats.

SIPS also reduces the size of your stomach to ensure you can only eat an appropriate amount of food. This helps control your weight and reduce the risk of health complications from obesity.

Aftercare and Support

At West Medical, we have physicians that are specifically dedicated to postoperative care. This means that if you have weight loss surgery, you have a specialized team of doctors who will follow up with you monthly.

For at least a year after your operation, you will get a monthly phone call to ensure you are doing well. The care and compassion of our team is unmatched.

We also have helpful online support groups and social media groups to connect patients and help you feel supported. You can get advice, tips, and encouragement from weight loss patients who have gone through the same things as you. West Medical is committed to supporting you through every step of your weight loss journey, even beyond the surgery.

Our compassionate doctors at West Medical are happy to be on the cutting-edge of weight loss surgery with our innovative procedures.


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