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Gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure that results in significant weight loss. A large portion of the stomach is removed, creating a smaller stomach pouch. This reduces the quantity of food you are able to consume and produces a feeling of “fullness” after eating far less. The procedure creates a stomach about the size of a banana, called a “sleeve.” This newly-shaped stomach is about one tenth the size of your original stomach. The section of the stomach removed is the area that produces the hormone that increases appetite. This procedure is appropriate for those with a BMI over 40.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most popular and successful bariatric weight loss options available. It’s sometimes also called the vertical sleeve gastrectomy or sleeve gastrectomy surgery. By any name, it’s a proven technique that can lead to healthier, happier, and longer life.

Gastric sleeve procedures can assist patients in avoiding the many health risks associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and heart disease. For those who have been unable to lose weight by diet or exercise alone, gastric sleeve surgery is a long-term method to shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Additionally, most PPO insurance plans accommodate these procedures.

At West Medical, we provide gastric sleeve surgery in Los Angeles and throughout Orange County and Southern California. We’re dedicated to personally guiding patients just like you through the treatment process.

Below, you’ll find some valuable information that may address many of your questions about the gastric sleeve.

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A gastric sleeve procedure changes the stomach into a sleeve-like shape, decreasing its size by nearly 85%, curbing a patient’s hunger and assisting in healthy, gradual weight loss. The surgery involves making small incisions in the abdominal area, and portioning off a large section of the stomach with staples, in effect removing it from the digestive system. The procedure has proven to be a highly effective alternative to more involved weight-loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery. A sleeve gastrectomy surgery can be performed laparoscopically and it’s a great deal less invasive than older bariatric procedures.


When our Orange County and Los Angeles gastric sleeve surgeons reduce the size of your stomach, this allows you to become full more quickly and in turn reduces appetite. Gastric Sleeve surgery is used along with a healthy diet—this means choosing the right foods and portions, along with supplementing your meals with vitamins, since your overall intake will be reduced. Additionally, the portion of your stomach that is removed produces a hormone called ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for making you feel hungry. After surgery, a smaller amount of this hormone is in the body. Patients often report feeling less hungry after their operation.


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Gastric sleeve surgery has become the most widely used bariatric procedure for good reason. It safely and effectively reduces appetite over time, making it far easier for patients to make the necessary dietary changes needed to achieve long-term weight loss.

Importantly, while the operation reduces the size of the stomach considerably, it differs from older procedures in that it leaves the digestive system essentially intact. Gastric sleeve procedures generally have a quicker recovery time, involve fewer risks, and, unlike banding procedures, don’t have to be adjusted over time. Gastric sleeve in Los Angeles and Southern California at our offices may vary in intricacy, but most can be completed using minimally invasive techniques that reduce post-operative pain and scarring while allowing for a shorter recovery time.

At West Medical, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and health. Your doctor will explain your options clearly so you can make a fully informed, empowered decision about this safe and effective, but also very significant, surgery.


With the assistance of continued exercise and a healthy approach to eating, many patients who have undergone a gastric sleeve lose more than half of their excess weight and are able to keep it off. This contrasts significantly with the grim statistics regarding weight-loss attempts without the aid of bariatric medicine. Moreover, a lower weight means better health and a longer, happier life. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), a “large population study comparing mortality rates of bariatric and non-bariatric patients found a greater than 90 percent reduction in death associated with diabetes and a greater than 50 percent reduction in death from heart disease.”

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As with all surgical procedures, some risks may be associated with gastric sleeve procedures. These may include:

  • Acid leakage along the stapling line, which may require a follow-up operation or the use of a tube for fluid draining
  • Particular foods may cause nausea, discomfort, and vomiting. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions regarding which foods, and how much of them, are safe to eat.
  • Risk of vitamin or nutrient deficiency. This can usually be prevented with supplements and other support, but it’s extremely important to come to follow up visits and take advantage of the comprehensive after-surgery support that our team offers.

When you meet with one of our surgeons at West Medical, they will explain the risks and benefits of the procedure in detail. When you make a decision about your health, you are taking an important step. That step should be taken only after you have had a chance to make an educated decision about what’s best for you.


Gastric Sleeve surgery is covered by most PPO insurance providers! Click below to verify your PPO insurance covers it.


Your pre-op diet begins about two or three weeks prior to surgery, depending on your overall situation. Generally speaking, people with higher BMIs need to start the liquid diet earlier. It’s a strict, low-calorie regimen with very limited fat and carbohydrates that emphasizes lean proteins, vegetables, and low-calorie, no-sugar liquids. The day before the surgery, you will switch to a diet of clear liquids. No caffeinated or carbonated beverages should be consumed, although you can drink decaf tea or coffee, water, or broth. These actions will shrink the fat surrounding your liver, making the surgery safer and easier to perform.

After the surgery, it will be necessary to stick to a diet of liquids and foods that are extremely easy on the digestive system. You will start with clear liquids on the first day. After that, the first month will be an all-liquid diet which will include protein shakes, broth, and some soups, yogurt, and milk as well as decaffeinated coffee and herbal teas. After the first month, you will gradually start eating solid foods that are easily digested such as eggs, cottage cheese, and other soft cheese, soft or stewed fruits, apple sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, pureed meats, and baby food. The next stage will reintroduce soft legumes (beans, lentils, etc.), oatmeal or mushy cold cereals in nonfat milk, very soft proteins such as tofu, very tender fish, poultry, and meat, and soups with well-cooked vegetables. Finally, a couple of months after the surgery, you will start to carefully transition to your regular healthy, limited calorie diet.

After losing a great quantity of weight, it is not uncommon to be left with some excess skin. Each person is different in the quantity of excess tissue that remains. There are a number of extremely safe and effective plastic surgeries that can effectively deal with these issues


At West Medical, it’s more than just giving you the medical attention you require that we emphasize; it’s making sure you’re completely taken care of. We understand that health care decisions can be difficult and may sometimes feel overwhelming, but we are always ready to help patients make good choices and enjoy the best possible outcomes.



At West Medical, our physicians are dedicated to individualized treatment, ensuring that your specific needs are met. To learn more about gastric sleeve in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire, as well as other weight loss options, call us at (855) 690-0565 and schedule your consultation today!

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