Day of Your Bariatric Surgery

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Once you’ve made the decision to have bariatric surgery, and have gone through the pre-surgery steps, you’re ready for your procedure day. This can be a scary day in some ways, but also exciting. Today you truly begin your path to losing weight, and gaining energy and health. Here’s what you can expect on your procedure day:

  • The morning of your weight loss surgery you’ll check into the surgery center or hospital.
  • There will be some paper work to fill out, and you can have a friend or family member stay with you until just before the procedure starts.
  • You’ll change into a gown, and we’ll give you a chair where you can rest.
  • An IV will be started, and we’ll use this to give you medicine to make you feel calm and sleep through the procedure. We’ll also use this to give
    you as pain medicine.
  • We may put sticky pads on your chest to monitor your heart beat.
  • Before the procedure starts, we will put an oxygen mask over your mouth
  • Right before we start, the anesthesiologist will talk to you and give you medicine to make you fall asleep. You may not remember this when you
    wake up.
  • The next thing you’ll know, you will be waking up in the recovery room.
  • You’ll feel groggy while the anesthesia wears off, and you may not remember your first few conversations.
  • Our team will help you sit up or stand, and may ask you to try to take sips of water.

Depending on which weight loss procedure you’ve had, you may go home the same day or you may stay in the hospital for 1 – 3 nights. We will go over the plan for your first few weeks in detail with you, both before and after your procedure.

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