Your New Life Following Weight Loss Surgery

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The day of your weight loss surgery is the first day of the journey towards permanent weight loss and better health. It will not always be an easy journey, but with the surgery to help you, our team of experts to support you, and your strength – you can succeed.

Follow up with West Medical

You’ll have several follow up visits with us starting about a week after your procedure. If you have a gastric band, you’ll be coming to the Los Angeles or Orange County offices regularly for your band adjustments. If you have a different procedure, you’ll be coming in less frequently but we’ll still want to see you several times. We also offer support groups, and coming to these can be a significant source of inspiration, tips, and a chance to check-in with others. You’ll learn about nutrition through the phases of your post-surgery life, how to handle real-life situations like eating in restaurants and at parties, and get support for any challenges you’re facing.


Before & After Gallery

View our patients who have had success with weight loss at West Medical.

Telling people about your surgery

Some patients enjoy telling an extended network of people about their surgery, and that’s great. It’s inspirational stories that often inspire others to lose weight as well. But many patients tell no one other than a few close family members or friends – and this is absolutely an option as well. No one needs to know you’ve had weight loss surgery. The scars are very small, and when people ask how you’re losing weight you can proudly tell them you are following new lifestyle changes where you eat less and focus on certain types of foods.

Excess skin removal

Often patients want to know if they’ll need to have surgery to remove excess skin when they’ve lost weight. This depends on the patient and how their body responds to the weight loss. Some of our patients do choose to have skin removed, and some never feel the need to. Often skin removal is considered a cosmetic procedure and would not be covered by insurance. However there are cases where the extra skin may be causing discomfort or other symptoms, which can make skin removal a medical procedure instead of a cosmetic one.

Uncertain whether to get gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve?
Please call us at (855) 690-0565 if we can answer any questions for you. We want you to feel educated and comfortable about your life after weight loss surgery. Our team is always happy to talk to you and make sure you are on the right track.