The Decision

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The decision to have weight loss surgery is one that many patients struggle with. They wonder if they should try one more time to lose weight with a diet. They worry that surgery is a big step. They are not sure if they can afford the procedure, or what their life will be like afterwards. Here are some steps you can take if this is a decision you are trying to make:

1. Learn

The first step in making the decision to have weight loss surgery is to learn as much as you can. You can get an overview of what weight loss surgery is like, and your procedure options like the LAP BAND, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass. You may also want to learn about a non-surgical option like the gastric balloon.

2. Meet us

There is only so much you can learn from reading about a bariatric surgery or weight loss procedure. The best second step is to come to an information seminar. This will give you a chance to meet us, hear about the procedures in detail, understand the cost of the treatment, and hear success stories. Click here to find a seminar near you.

Uncertain whether to get gastric bypass surgery or gastric sleeve?

3. Choose your procedure

You’ll learn about the benefits and risks of each procedure, and one of our weight loss experts can help you pick the option that fits you best. Every patient is different, and there is no perfect weight loss surgery option, so it’s important to work with an experienced surgeon like the ones at West Medical. We have the expert knowledge to guide you through this journey.

4. Affording and qualifying for surgery

We will help you figure out your insurance so you understand what is covered. If you choose a procedure that is not covered by insurance, like the weight loss balloon, we can connect you with options for financing. Depending on the procedure and your insurance, there will be some pre-surgery tests and evaluations you’ll need to complete. Our team will make sure you know what to do at each step of the process. You can learn more about the preparation here.


Before & After Gallery

View our patients who have had success with weight loss at West Medical.

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery can be scary, but many patients consider it the day they began to take back control of their life. You can see some of our before/afters here, or contact us at (855) 690-0565 if we can answer any questions for you.