#WorkoutWednesday: A Beginner’s Guide to Swimming Workouts

With the summer season in full swing, many pools are being used as a refreshing and fun reprieve from the scorching heat. However, besides being a favorite summertime activity to take advantage of the hot weather, swimming can also prove to be a highly effective full body workout that’s as invigorating as it is efficient. An added plus would be that it is low cost and does not take much equipment to be able to participate. For beginners, we have compiled a quick and helpful guide to some basic swimming workouts.

BASIC LAPS: Laps are the best way to go for low impact exercise. If you are too sore from any other workout, the best thing to do for sore muscles is to keep blood flowing to them via slow, steady cardiovascular workouts. Try setting a time goal and counting how many laps you can swim in 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Consistent, slow and steady progression will help up your fitness level significantly.

BEGINNER’S INTERVALS: Instead of doing the same stroke steadily for a set amount of time, try switching things up. There are many benefits to trying out new swimming strokes at different intervals and intensity levels. Check out a few of these workouts that incorporate varied swimming strokes.

AEROBICS: Water aerobics incorporate tremendous exercises for all ages. Your local gym or recreational center likely offer classes that can help strengthen and enhance your muscles. Such workouts are a very effective way to give your joints a break from more strenuous exercises.

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