If you’re looking to get into running or are already an experienced runner or jogger yourself, the notion of taking walking breaks within your run has lead to more positive results. As pointed out by experts, you can gain control of your own fatigue and achieve faster run times, if you choose to take walking breaks. Diminishing the fatigue in your legs by resting them through a walking break keeps them fresh for a strong finish. Also, walking breaks mentally break up the race for you by helping you concentrate on the duration of the run in segments. Truly the run-walk method can help enrich your running or jogging workouts and help you recover a lot quicker for them as well. Below are a few tips to consider when employing the run-walk method in your run.

A SHORT AND MELLOW WALKING STRIDE: To avoid shin irritation, do not take long strides. Instead, walk slowly and take short strides.

DO NOT ELIMINATE THE WALKING BREAK: There’s a tendency for beginners to feel that they need to build up their run to a point where they don’t have to take any walking breaks. This is a common misconception as taking walking breaks at your own pace will help you take control of your fatigue.

KEEP TRACK OF YOUR WALKING BREAKS: There are a number of fitness watches out in the market right now that help signal when to take your walking breaks during your run.

Remember, walk breaks provide the following benefits:

– Give you control over the way you feel

– Erase fatigue

– Allow endorphins to collect during each walk break — you feel good

– Break up the distance into manageable units (“I can go for two more minutes”)

– Speed recovery

– Reduce the chance of aches, pains and injury

– Allow you to feel good afterward–carrying on the rest of your day without debilitating fatigue

– Give you all of the endurance of the distance of each session–without the pain

– Allow older or heavier runners to recover fast, and feel as good or better than the younger (slimmer) days

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