Zatara’s Lap Band Procedure Helped Get Her Life Back

Being a youthful but busy full-time nursing student afforded Zatara little opportunities to relax and enjoy some free time. However, when she does have some, she enjoys reading a good book or going with her friends to the amusement park to enjoy some roller coaster rides.

When Zatara was 14 years old, she suffered a significant knee injury that had her on crutches for nine months. During this time she gained about 100 pounds. After healing, she lost about half the weight, but unfortunately re-injured her knee again and was back on crutches. Being relegated to the limited mobility and less active lifestyle that such an injury brings, Zatara wound up gaining all the weight back again until she found herself at 332 pounds.


Zatara soon came to the crucial realization that if she did not lose weight, such an unhealthy lifestyle would eventually lead to her death. This sobering thought made Zatara take action towards looking into weight loss surgery.


After going through with a successful lap band procedure, Zatara found herself in a new, much healthier lifestyle that enabled her to get around a lot easier and even erased the worry of not being able to fit on a ride at the amusement park. Zatara truly felt that she finally got her life back!

Now Zatara is making the most of her new healthy lifestyle through a disciplined diet and regular fitness schedule, which has given her the continued success that motivates her on-going efforts to uphold healthy choices first in her life.

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