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About EVLT®: Endovenous Laser Treatment

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT®) differs from vein surgery and, in various ways, is a more desirable method for the treatment of varicose veins. Our Orange County and Los Angeles vein removal is minimally invasive and performed in all our offices. Unlike other surgical methods, EVLT® only requires small doses of local anesthetics. EVLT® also allows a shorter recovery time and the results of the procedure are commonly similar or better than other forms of surgery.

Vein Treatment Options
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How laser vein removal is performed

Our Los Angeles vein removal treatment involves the use of laser energy directly inside the diseased vein to effectively treat the problem and eliminate the appearance of varicose veins.

Step 1

During your LA or Orange County laser vein removal, a tiny laser fiber is placed into the varicose vein via an intravenous catheter.


Step 2

The catheter is then carefully placed within the problem vein using ultrasound. A local anesthesia solution is injected around the vein that is to be treated in order to make the process painless, as well as provide protection for the surrounding tissue.


Step 3

The heat generated by the laser closes the troublesome vein permanently and functionally removes it from blood circulation. Endovenous laser vein removal treatment has only a 5-10% failure rate after 3 years following the procedure, compared to the 20 to 40% failure rates that have been seen in patients that have undergone surgical ligation and stripping.


Before & After Gallery

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Our Vein Removal Equipment

Your OC or Los Angeles laser vein removal specialist – a phlebologist – at West Medical primarily utilizes the CoolTouch® 1320 nm endovenous laser, considered by most experts to be the most effective and versatile system for varicose vein treatment. This method allows treatment of smaller varicose veins that may be harder to fully treat using other techniques.

Advantages of the 1320 Nm CoolTouch® CTEV system

  • Less bruising
  • Less pain
  • Higher success rate
  • Reduced risk of heat injury to adjacent tissue

For more information regarding EVLT®, the gold standard for varicose vein treatment in Southern California, please call West Medical at (855) 690-0565 for information about treatment, cost, and advantages of varicose vein removal.