Many people contact us because they have visible veins that they’d like treated. They feel the appearance of these veins makes them look older, or self-conscious. Additionally, these veins may cause uncomfortable symptoms. These visible veins can be varicose veins, but could also be spider veins.

Spider veins can look similar to varicose veins, although they are closer to the surface of the skin. They can be blue, red, or purple and the thin visible veins tend to look like a spider web. In most cases there is no medically necessary reason to treat spider veins, however most patients come to use for treatment because of a strong preference to return a smooth appearance to their legs. Our spider vein treatment and spider vein removal are available at all our West Medical offices.

How do you know if you have varicose veins or spider veins? The best way to tell is to come in for a consultation, because some patients have both types of veins. At West Medical we are able to treat both of these with both varicose and spider vein treatment in Orange County and Los Angeles. It’s more common for someone to have spider veins, but if someone just has varicose veins, this can lead to developing spider veins later as well. For some patients, spider veins cause no symptoms. For others, they can cause itchiness, pain, skin ulcers, and rash.


Anyone can develop spider veins, but they occur more frequently in women. Up to half the population may have spider or varicose veins at some point, and the chances get more likely as we get older. Also known as telangiectasias, spider veins are caused by an abnormality in a blood vessel. Although any person can develop these visible veins, there are some common risk factors:

  • Pregnancy, with more pregnancies leading to more risk
  • Obesity
  • Older age
  • Not using sun screen (especially in light-skinned people)
  • Standing a large part of the day (professions like teachers and nurses)
  • Hormonal changes or pills like birth control pills or pre-menopausal hormone supplements
  • History of having blood clots
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There is no guaranteed way to prevent spider veins, and they may be an inevitable inconvenience for many. This is especially true for those who have risk factors. However, there are some lifestyle factors that can help prevent the formation of spider veins for some people.

First, maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the chances of developing spider veins. Similarly, people who walk and exercise more tend to have fewer spider veins, since this movement help promote blood flow. Elevating your legs when resting can have positive effects, as can minimizing the amount of time you sit with your legs crossed. Another way to help improve blood circulation in your legs is to avoid wearing tight clothing around your thighs or groin area. Tight clothing can prevent proper blood flow, which can increase the chance you’ll develop spider veins.


Sometimes lifestyle changes can reduce the appearance of spider veins. These changes can include losing weight if applicable, and walking more. Compression stockings have been successful in treating spider veins for some people, and these can be purchased at most pharmacies or medical supply stores.

For most people though, spider veins will be unpreventable, and stubborn against lifestyle changes. The good news is there are safe and minimally invasive treatments available that are highly effective in eliminating spider veins quickly. At West Medical, we often can treat spider veins in under an hour, with no anesthesia needed, using our highly effective methods of spider vein treatment.

Patients sometimes ask us if it’s safe for the circulatory system to have veins removed. Decades of treating veins has shown it is safe. Spider veins can be safely removed with no risk to your blood flow. Our circulatory systems have so many veins in them, which means other blood vessels will take over transportation of blood for any veins we treat.


Spider and varicose vein treatment is covered by most PPO insurance providers! Click below to verify your PPO insurance covers it.


If you’re looking for specifically varicose vein treatment options, click below to learn more.


Our vein specialists are here to help with anything you want to know about spider vein removal and spider vein treatment. Our specialists are highly trained in the latest technology, and are happy to explain our quick, comfortable, and effective vein treatments. To learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options, please contact West Medical at (855) 690-0565. Our helpful LA and Orange County spider vein treatment specialists will answer your questions or schedule a consultation for you.


Sclerotherapy is the primary method we offer for spider vein treatment in Orange County and LA. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can remove spider veins as well as reticular veins.

In sclerotherapy, the visible veins are treated by a substance that is injected into the vein. This substance causes the veins to dissolve, and they will fade from view over several weeks.

The procedure takes a short time in our offices, and you’ll be able to leave after and resume activities like walking and going to work. Sclerotherapy has been used since the 1930’s, but recent advances in medical technology mean it’s even safer and more comfortable than it was in the past. Click here to learn more about sclerotherapy.

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