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5 Non Scale Victories to Celebrate

Written By: Emma Squillace When you’re working on losing weight, either with a surgical procedure like the gastric sleeve, a non surgical treatment like the weight loss balloon, or through diet and exercise changes alone – the numbers on the scale can make or break your mood. If you weigh yourself and see the number drop, you feel like everything is on track and celebrate your victory. If you see the number rise, stall, or even drop more slowly than you want, you may feel like your entire weight loss efforts are useless. To combat those unproductive tendencies that many people have to be way too hard on themselves based on the scale alone, we encourage the celebration of non scale victories (NSVs). Here are 5 NSVs we love to hear about from our bariatric surgery and gastric balloon patients:

My clothing fits better

Sometimes this NSV is about fitting into a smaller size, and sometimes it’s noticing that your current size feels more comfortable or loose. We’ve also had plenty of patients celebrate the ability to fit into their old wedding dress – or wear their wedding ring again. For others, the ability to shop outside of the Plus section can be a great victory. If your clothes tell you that you’re moving in the right direction with weight loss, this is a victory.

My energy is up

A really exciting non scale victory is when you truly start to feel like you’re gaining energy as you lose weight. This could be seen in your ability to walk longer, stay energized through the work day, or keep up with playing with your kids. That kind of victory can be extra helpful if it allows you to expand your fitness routine.

I participated in a new activity

Some people celebrate non scale victories that focus on trying a new fitness activity. Maybe this is jogging a block, taking a first Zumba class, or buying/using your first set of weights. So often people are afraid to try a new activity because they’re worried they will not keep up, or will look/feel foolish when they try. But the good news is that these same people are often thrilled to find out the activity was not as scary as they thought. Trying one new activity can be empowering, leading to changes to incorporate other ‘new things’ into your life.

My numbers improved

For this non scale victory, we’re not talking about the numbers on the scale. Instead, we’re talking about numbers like cholesterol or blood pressure. Even if the scale is not moving as quickly as you’d like, knowing that your cholesterol or blood pressure has dropped is an important victory. This reinforces the health benefits of all the changes you’re making.

“Normal size” fits me

Our patients have told us about exciting times that they’ve found that something ‘normal sized’ in the world has finally fit them. A common NSV is the seat belt on an airplane: finding that you can buckle up on a plane without asking for a seat belt extender can be a great victory. Similarly, finding that you can sit comfortably at a small desk at work or a PTA meeting can be a wonderful feeling. Other patients have told us about their pride when they slide into a restaurant booth that they previously needed to avoid. Although weight loss surgery may seem as though it’s focused on losing a certain number of pounds, the non scale victories you’ll achieve are at least as important as the numbers dropping on the scale. Do you have questions about the gastric balloon or bariatric surgery options, and how to start on the way to your own NSVs? If so, please reach out to us at 855-690-0565.

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